Mobile Website Development

Would you like to develop a mobile website for your business which is located in Sri Lanka? If you are ready to target mobile users to sell your products and services to, Green Media Partners have a team of experts who could help you build the perfect mobile website for your company. Developing websites for mobile devices could differ in hardware characteristics compared to desktop or laptop computers. Mobile devices usually come with smaller screens and, hence they often automatically switch the screen orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa when the users rotate the device. Mobile devices mostly have touch screen for user inputs, and APIs run a big part on mobile websites since it helps mobile users to easily interact with your site.

The services we offer are as follows;

  • Developing mobile responsive websites and mobile specific websites
  • Adding a mobile website package to your current traditional website
  • Adding advanced solutions to your mobile website like e-commerce, SEO and visitor analytics
  • One on one consultation to build a perfect and totally accessible mobile website.
  • Great mobile web development plans for even more greater budgets

Benefits of Mobile Web Development

A mobile-friendly website is the key to broadening your reach to users of a wide range of mobile devices.

Improved user experience

We have all been through that experience where you get only a pile of scattered and unorganized information that you can barely put together to read or understand, when you open a link sent to you by a colleague or a friend via text or email. This will automatically make you lose the chance of converting a mobile user into a customer. If the users cannot browse through the content quite easily and read the content on your website from a mobile device, then they will lose interest on your website altogether and might not return at all. Reports show that more than 60% of mobile users have completely abandoned the use of some websites because they don’t have the capability to check it on-the-go on their mobile devices.

Increase time spent on your mobile website

Looking at the current trends of using the internet in Sri Lanka, having a mobile website is extremely important, because everything is done online and by people who are on the move. You have only a few minutes to capture a website visitor’s attention before they make a decision. While it is important that you need to cater to people who are always on the move, in order to do so, you need a great creative mobile website to cater to this new generation of tech addicts. Visitors should be able to navigate easily through the pages and find the information that could help them. Content should be mobile user friendly (meaning precise as well as concise). If these elements are in place, you can easily convert visitors to your mobile website into customers.

Increased sales and revenue

Most tech-savvy and constantly on-the-go modern consumers use their mobile devices to browse the internet to find information about places they want to visit and about products they want to purchase. Entrepreneurs can effortlessly drive in such crowds to their business websites by implementing a solid mobile website development strategy. With a successful mobile-friendly website you can easily attract more customers (especially who are on-the-move and are more likely to make an immediate purchase). Our team possesses the expertise to develop a unique mobile website for your business that will provide the ultimate web user experience to your customers. This in turn will contribute to increasing your website traffic and sales, and doubling your income.

Faster loading speed

If your website does not have fast loading speeds it will become another reason why the visitors of your mobile website would move on to the website of your competitor who has faster loading speeds. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, it will load slowly or in worse case scenarios, it might not even load at all on handheld devices like smart phones or tablets. A mobile optimized website will load faster on mobile devices; hence grabbing your visitor’s attention immediately. While surveys have proven that visitors abandon a site if it takes more than 6 to 10 seconds to load, with fast loading web pages you can encourage your customers to stay on the page and browse through it while learning about your products and services.

Improved mobile SEO

All of us use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo quite often on our mobile devices. While most of these search engines, especially Google, tend to rank mobile-friendly websites high on mobile search engine result pages, it will help you drive in more customers, particularly those who use mobile devices like their phones or tablets to browse the internet. When our specialists at Green Media Partners design mobile websites, they tend to focus more on improving the website for mobile SEO; hence all the elements such as images, content or navigation will be optimized to perform well on all mobile devices. With a flourishing mobile SEO strategy for your website, you will be able to drive in more website visitors and convert them to loyal customers.

Beat your competition

In this competitive world of revolutionary technology, your competitors, especially within the context of Sri Lanka, might already be ahead of the game with creatively designed mobile optimized websites. Surveys have shown clear results that those who have mobile websites have a more competitive advantage over website owners who have not optimized their website for mobile devices. Hence if your website does not perform well on mobile devices, you will lose the opportunity to attract the customers who browse the internet through their mobile devices; since at least half of your customers comprise of such mobile users, you will face a major loss in profit. Therefore it goes without saying that mobile web development is rather a necessary than an option.

Mobile Website Development

Make a name in the mobile web!

Search engines, especially Google, tend to prioritize websites which are optimized for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, on the mobile web. If your website is not mobile-friendly it will significantly reduce your chances of reaching out to a large number of customers who use their handheld devices to browse the internet. On the other hand if your website is designed to perform well on mobile devices, it will provide a user-friendly experience for your customers.

Our mobile website development guideline

Don’t just scale down your desktop website

Usage model for mobile devices is very different to what we’ve been used to while developing websites for desktops. If you just scale down your desktop site into a mobile website you will lose the whole purpose of choosing to have a mobile website for your visitors and customers. Having your separate mobile content for the site will open up a lot of opportunities for your business. It is always best to customize your mobile website than depending solely on a responsive web design that serves the same HTML, because you can customize more according to the needs of the mobile users.

Focus on the user experience

You can focus on your users in Sri Lanka and what you want them to experience and buy from your mobile website when they visit your site. If your website is able to provide your customers what they like, they would certainly want to stay and browse through your web pages. It will automatically help your search engine rank as well. We can help you map out what you want them to experience and then compare with their needs and come up with the perfect web design and develop a great website for your customers. We can help you with all the technical aspects of mobile web development.

Mobile Website Development

Green Media Partners is a professional web development company based in Sri Lanka. We have developed an array of custom web designs for various businesses of different scopes.

Our goal is to develop websites which aptly stand for the brands and the principals of our valued customers. We make sure that each website we develop is exclusive and unparalleled.

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