508 Compliance Web Design

Were you aware as a business owner that websites are recognized as fully-accessible only if people with disabilities can use them as same as those without disabilities? Section 508 Compliance requests website owners to make their websites fully accessible in order to provide equal opportunities to those with disabilities.

Section 508 of the U.S. Code is the law that requires federal agencies and their contractors to hold on to a minimal level of accessibility.

508 Compliance Design is better explained as the use of text labels or descriptors for graphics and certain format elements. This section also tackle the usability of multimedia presentations, image maps, style sheets, scripting languages, applets, plug-ins and electronic forms for better accessibility.

As experts in 508 Compliant Web Design, our team at Green Media Partners provides our customers the following services;

  • Comprehensive website analysis to make sure your website meets 16 specific criteria according to Section 508 compliance standards.
  • Website development solutions for government agencies, businesses, non-profit entities and private sector firms.
  • Technical insight and execution done by creative web designers and specialized analysts with years of experience in web development.
  • We provide section 508 remediation, section 508 compliant forms, closed captioning and audio descriptive services.

508 Compliant Web Design

A 508 compliant web design allows you to provide your customers, with or without disabilities, full accessibility to your website.

Equal opportunities for everyone in the society

So many people find it difficult to access the information they require from websites because they are not laid out in according to a 508 compliant web design. There are many barriers standing between users and information they need to access. We are sure you have experienced the frustration of slow-loading website and navigation of websites being unclear and complicated. These frustrations naturally give the user a negative experience causing them to altogether abandon buying products and requesting services from the site. 508 compliant designs will offer chances for everyone in the society, with or without disabilities, to access websites without facing any inconvenience.

Attract a bigger audience with an accessible website

If the users are happy they would buy more and continue returning to your site. Having an accessible website will help your business a lot in the long run. Section 508 compliance will boost your SEO. Search Engine Optimization depends on users not only clicking a website but going through a website browsing and interacting. When a user crawl through a 508 compliant designed website, they would definitely appreciate the straight forward and easy to navigate design, text-based versions of media and clear descriptors. This structure helps the users to access and evaluate the content, and as a result, these websites rank high on search engines and attract more potential customers.

Increase organic search numbers and sales

Section 508 compliance can have a positive impact on your company’s sales. When your website is placed well or established on a search engine, it will rank higher on search results which will automatically lead to increased organic search traffic. Organic search results which do not need to be paid will depend on how your website is based on search engine rankings. If your website is considered as highly relevant on online searches it will help your business to build its organic reach. Organic traffic is believed to be the best channel of gaining customers and it has the highest customer retaining value as well. If you focus on SEO it can help you boost organic search power and increase sales.

508 Compliance is worth the effort

You might be hesitant to change your website to be applicable for Section 508 because of the effort that needs to be put in. But it will have a positive impact on your bottom line once the upgrade is done and it will be worth the effort. When more users access your website because of its accessibility, you will be able to gain more sales for your business and also build some loyal customers. We, as experienced web developers, know that it’s a waste of time and money to build a website that can only be accessed by one browser, and the same idea applies to the of section 508 compliance. A great accessible website will capture a wider market of customers, and not only the people with disabilities.

The amazing impact of multimedia on SEO

Images and multimedia accessibility go unnoticed by many website owners. The section 508 standards need similar alternatives for any multimedia presentation. For a few instances, audio content should be transcribed, video should have synchronized captions and images should include alt-text. Text-based alternatives are not only useful to screen readers, but it will also help search engines, especially when they use alt-text and transcripts to determine a website’s content. Therefore including accessible alternatives for all multimedia will result in a visible boost in search engine results. Hence, a 508 compliant design ill actually help your website gain a higher rank in search engine result pages.

Compliant design will lead to higher conversions

Links must utilize keywords within the anchor text to describe the destination page to be Section 508 compliant. Once this is done it will assist people using assistive technology to understand where a link will take them. For an example, instead of having a button, just say ‘Click here’ or try using anchor text that says sign up for our newsletter. Even though it looks like a small change it can have a great effect on improving usability and from a marketing point of view it will provide better call-to-action to all clients. Online form conversion rates vary a lot based on the text of a submit button and a clear button increases user accessibility and can also boost conversion and company sales.

508 Compliance Website Design

Equal web access for everyone in the society.

While all federal agencies in the United States are legally obliged to comply with section 508 when designing websites, developing software, creating digital documents etc., many non-federal organizations also adhere to the guidelines in order to make sure that people with disabilities too have a chance at accessing the information they provide. With a 508 compliant web design, you can offer equal web access or a unique user-friendly web experience to your customers, despite their incapacities.

508 Compliance Web Design

Green Media Partners is a renowned web design company in Sri Lanka. We have years of experience in designing unique websites for small startup businesses as well as large corporations.

We combine the latest web design technology in the industry and the full commitment and passion of our expert team members to ensure the best outcome for our valued customers.

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