International SEO

Do you need to convince search engines to include you in the international rankings of a country by country level? If your company based in Sri Lanka receives a lot of traffic from other countries or if you need to improve its rankings in other countries, it’s time you decide to optimize your website in an international scale.

International SEO involves targeting customers globally via different search engines. Depending on the countries that you would need to target, a copy should be created in multiple languages. It is also important to identify regional language changes and colloquialisms when you are doing the keyword research.

The search engines used by different countries can differ from one country to another. While some of us use Google or Bing, China mostly uses Baidu and Russians use Yandex, while Japan’s number one ranking search engine is Yahoo. So your website needs to be optimized according to your target audience internationally.

  • It helps to place your website in more search engines’ result pages.
  • International SEO helps increase leads, conversions and revenue.
  • It helps your website rank high on internationally relevant search engines.
  • It helps deliver the most relevant and seamless user experience to every user.

International SEO can be best described as a set of activities which combine and allow a website to reach its target audience in multiple countries and regions. International SEO is not about translating your website to many languages and then carrying out standard SEO techniques the way it’s done in a single language. In fact it has a lot of new concerns and challenges to overcome before catching the unknown searching marketer.

How to make International SEO Feel Local?

International SEO will help you access and win over your international target markets easily through increased visibility in your targeted search engines.

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Localize content

When you are adding content to your website you will have to make sure the information is relevant to your target audience by using their local language, currency and time zone. It is also important to add contact information such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses that they could easily access locally within Sri Lanka. You have to make your audience feel that you are directly targeting them even though you are targeting customers globally. It is also vital to focus on their cultures when you are creating your web designs and its content.

Use their language

When you are optimizing an international search engine you will have to make sure that your site navigates to your help desk in its primary language of the country/ region you are targeting. Using direct machine translations or automatically changing the site language will not be beneficial all the time. For an example, there are speakers of English Language in China who do not know how to access your site in Chinese. In such a case it is suitable to have alternative language sites and language options. By using their language, you can easily grab their attention.

Appropriate site structure

There are many things to consider when you are separating your country and language specific content, so that your users can find all the information that they are looking for in one place. It will be extremely helpful if you can use a subdomain, subdirectory, ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain), gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain) or other different domains. Google advises and recommends you to organize your structure in the same way on each section so that it can be easily understood by the user and can be scrolled quite easily. An appropriate site structure can create a user-friendly experience for your web visitors.

Language targeting

If being in their country is not a possibility, trying to target your potential customers there online using their own language will be a major advantage for your International SEO strategy. It is the most effective as well as the easiest way for businesses to create an internationally optimized website that would be appreciated by foreign audiences. Sub Directory and Sub domain are two methods that you could use when you are trying to target clients through language. Providing information about your products and services in their own language is the quickest way to their hearts.

Country targeting

If you are able to get hosted presence within your targeted country, you have a slight advantage over those who do not, especially your competitors. If you are able to buy your related domain name according to the country with country code top level domain (for example for Sri Lanka, .lk and for United Kingdom, .uk etc.) it will be an added advantage for you over your competition. Country targeting will help you to appear as a local business and have better rankings in search engine result pages within the particular country.

HTML & HTTP Header Additions

By adding country/language specific content and an appropriate URL structure, you’ll be able to add a HTML code needed to make the transition to international search. When you are adding a page to your international version it is extremely important to add the HTML code to the header from your original version. You will also have to modify the language attribute code for every international page as well. This is the code that will allow the search engines to recognize that your business website has an international version too.

International SEO

Build a transnational business empire with international SEO.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is unquestionably the most effective online marketing tool available for you, whether you are focusing on a local target audience or an international target market. Our SEO team at Green Media Partners is thoroughly educated in all kinds of SEO, including international SEO which is the most effective technique you can incorporate to conquer an unknown international target market. By optimizing your website for international search engines, you can easily win the attention and the vote of the target audience of another country.

Benefits of International SEO

Discover foreign markets

By optimizing your website for international search engines in terms of language and other website elements, you will be able to introduce and establish your business among previously untapped foreign markets. While SEO would increase your website’s visibility in foreign search engines, it will widen the chance of your new foreign clients finding you. By having all the content translated into their native language, you can easily grab their attention and persuade them to make a purchase of your product or service.

Build brand authority

A higher rank in a foreign search engine will designate your business to be reliable and well-established. The more visible your website is in international search engines, the more your brand would be exposed among your foreign market. International SEO would also help build a great brand reputation; with your website being properly optimized for the specific foreign search engine, it will not only rank high, but it will also be recommended by other foreign website as a reliable one, hence building brand authority.

Build customer loyalty

Most people are naturally inclined to trust websites that present content which has been translated into their native language and that have higher ranks in the search result pages of their local search engines. Such localized aspects of your website will contribute to localize your brand; hence the new target market will be able to trust your products or services without suspicions about their quality. This will encourage your customers to invest their trust in your brand while they make a purchase of your services and products.

Increase sales and revenue

Ultimately international SEO amounts to increased sales rates and doubled revenue. A top rank on search engines will drive in more organic traffic to your website, content which have been optimized with local keywords and translated into local languages will attract the customers and persuade them to invest their trust in your brand, and a stable link profile (especially backlinks from other reputable local websites recommending your website to their own customers) will eventually increase your conversion rates, hence your sales and revenue.

International SEO

Green Media Partners is a specialized online marketing agency in Sri Lanka. We have handled a several number of projects of which the results have proven us as experts in online marketing.

We incorporate nothing but the best online marketing tactics and strategies which guarantee increased conversion rates and optimal return on investment for our valued customers.

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