Corporate SEO

Corporate SEO or better known as Enterprise SEO is the practice of optimizing a massive website or a few of them while dealing with the corporate environment with red tape, diplomacy and internal politics at the same time.  Corporate SEO is as same as any other SEO, but the difference is you need to deal with a lot more content and pages than that of a website of a small or medium size business.  Some of the main characteristics of Corporate SEO are;

  • Lack of control over the site.
  • Red tape.
  • Complex infrastructure.
  • Tight integration with legal and other corporate departments.
  • A need for diplomacy.

Corporate SEO

Harness the power of corporate SEO to increase your website’s visibility in search engines and to assist your overall online marketing strategy.


The website of a company is the core of its entire online marketing strategy. We understand how different a corporate website can be because of its size. It is very common to see these sites having thousands to millions of pages.  The best examples of these huge corporate sites that everyone has seen are eBay and Trip advisor, which have endless pages to optimize for their potential clients. Most corporate websites are usually associated with a strong brand which will offer certain benefits for SEO.  If your company has popular brands you have the advantage of viewers being aware of it; as a result Google will look into your position in rankings more favorably. Moreover large websites gain links more easily than small ones.

Corporate websites are ruled by metrics, and when you are implementing SEO for an enterprise, the metrics are rarely left in a vacuum. Everything you do should somehow connect to your company goals. If you need to create content for your massive website, we are what you are looking for. Our team can create content that your customers would love. We will provide better SEO and deal with all the complications on your behalf.  We will be in touch with all the departments such as corporate news, PR and Sales of your company to get the relevant details for your website to be a champion in SEO. If the content is done internally we can provide consultancy services to educate each department on what needs to be done.


Corporate website acquires links more easily than small and medium websites because they have higher marketing budgets that let them promote high-quality content at a bigger scale. They have the ability to gain links naturally by their activities such as merges, expansion news and product launches. When you are building SEO for Corporate firms it is important to focus on the Sri Lankan audience, since the company has local sites that need to be optimized separately and they have independent local business profiles that need to be managed continuously. If your organization has 10 independent locations, then you need to have a well-implemented strategy to control the local properties, citations and local rankings.

Many of these large corporations need to reach the global audience as much as local audiences. Global SEO is a must for these firms since they are not able to be physically present at another country when they need to maintain their brand globally. When you focus on Corporate SEO, you may face a few issues like global SEO efforts competing against the local ones and content being duplicated between the same corporation’s different websites. Having a team of professionals like Green Media Partners is important to resolve and manage these issues to have higher rankings in both Global and Local SEO. We will make sure that all elements of your website, including its content are optimized appropriately.

Corporate SEO

Remain the most renowned brand in the market with corporate SEO.

Despite the fact that transnational companies and their brands are already massively popular among their target markets, maintaining the bestowed prestige and privilege is not regarded to be easy. Any company, whether small or big in nature, should have a sound marketing strategy to keep its brand name celebrated. Corporate SEO (optimizing your company’s website for search engines) will keep your brand name proliferated among the online community of your target market.

Corporate SEO elements we focus on and their benefits

Social Media

Social media sites provide far-reaching opportunities for both small and corporate businesses to build brand awareness and expand their clientele. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ contribute largely to boosting the progress of any SEO strategy, including Corporate SEO. Such social media sites give businesses or organizations easy access to the members of your target market as well as better chances of interacting and communicating with them. Increasing the fan engagement in social media sites (through methods such as posting valuable and entertaining content, hosting quizzes and competitions for free gifts and holding Q&A sessions) can further benefit your corporate SEO strategy.

Hence harnessing the influence of social media sites is extremely important and useful for your overall online marketing strategy. As mentioned above for corporate SEO also, being part of social media is very important. Because most web users are into social media than anything else, being part of them can effortlessly boost SEO rankings. Moreover they provide an effective platform to share content among thousands and millions of people. In a Corporate setting you specially have to concentrate on social media because you need to collaborate with other departments, make sure that the most suitable content are promoted and ensure the unity of messages and strategies between various social media accounts and locations.

Competitive Analysis

Identifying your competitors’ strategies, strengths and weaknesses is an essential part of any marketing strategy centered on building business and raising brand awareness. At a corporate level gaining competitive intelligence and gaining advantage over competitors become vital factors. While it is not illegal or unethical to find what your direct and indirect competition is doing to maximize their audience and profits, being informed about what they are up to can save time and money for your corporation. You can compare and contrast you company’s own strategies with that of your competitors and analyze the insight you gain from the research to come up with a productive outcome that is unparalleled any other.

You can start by looking in to what your competition is up to and planning on a strategy to beat the competition while improving your market position. You also need to be updated with your search engine result pages and continuously check whether there are new competitors entering, so you won’t feel threatened all of a sudden. While corporations need to deconstruct their strategies from content to promotion and link building according to the trends and changes of their competition, they should always plan to be ahead of the game and try to rank on top on the first page of any search engine. As Corporate SEO specialists in Sri Lanka, Green Media Partners can help you become a leading corporation among your competitors.

Corporate SEO

Green Media Partners is a specialized online marketing agency in Sri Lanka. We have handled a several number of projects of which the results have proven us as experts in online marketing.

We incorporate nothing but the best online marketing tactics and strategies which guarantee increased conversion rates and optimal return on investment for our valued customers.

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