Content Marketing

At Green Media Partners we help Sri Lankan businesses gain a strong online presence through inbound marketing tools and content marketing tactics. Content marketing has grown to become one of the most powerful tools available for businesses to connect with target consumers online. More than 70% of businesses rely on branded content for marketing and promotions.

To persuade potential customers to give out their personal information to your business, you need to give them something valuable in return. We have the perfect solution for you. Our expert content writers and managers produce high quality content like e-books, buyer’s guides and whitepapers that the Sri Lankan visitors would love to read and would want to subscribe to. Our customers can expect the following from us as reliable content marketers;

  • We are keen in building meaningful and long lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Our team has years of experience to understand what your business need to generate more leads.
  • We understand about the challenges business owners face in inbound marketing.
  • Our team will utilize the content to boost your sales in the company.
  • We will provide strategized content marketing plans with easy to follow guidelines.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Grab the attention of the members in your target audience with content which will simultaneously help quench their curiosity and educate them.

Content Marketing generates more inbound traffic to your site

The power of content marketing for generating inbound traffic relies on the ability to provide target audiences with relevant information they need to find a solution for their problems, to improve their knowledge or to find entertainment. Most customers want to see customized and updated content for the information they require. If your business website contains more blog posts and content which is highly focused on what the audience requires, it will help gain more inbound traffic to the website and increase conversion rates. By optimizing such content with the correct keywords, you can drive in more organic traffic.

Content marketing increases engagement with customers

If you want to maintain interactions with and receive responses from your Sri Lankan target audience, then you need to provide them with what they require as information while simultaneously prompting them to participate and interact. The target audience’s preferences might vary; some would like to read detailed instruction manuals and tutorials while others would prefer to learn looking at a YouTube video with highly visual content. Enhancing articles with appropriate pictures increases the total viewing of articles. Learning to cater these different needs will help increase the engagement of your customers.

Content marketing generates more leads

When you are able to offer the members of your target audience useful and valuable information which fulfills their search queries, it will complement both your SEO status and your overall online marketing strategy. Because of such a successful content marketing campaign, your inbound traffic and target audience engagement would increase; accordingly it will result in the generation of leads three times more, per every dollar invested. Businesses with blogs (which are frequently updated) and websites like these can produce 97% more leads than other businesses without content-rich websites or business blogs.

Content marketing increases sales

The success of an online marketing strategy relies on a strong online presence, and the key to establishing a robust online presence depends on a sound content marketing strategy. Useful, credible and fresh content optimized with the correct keywords have the power to earn the attention of both the search engines and your customers. More than 50% of the viewers are more likely to make a purchase of the services and products the website offers if they find customized content on it. Many companies use innovative videos too to impress their target audience, because they have a bigger impact on the increase of sales.

Content marketing builds brand awareness

Higher the quality of the content you provide your targeted viewers, the greater the authority, trust and awareness you will create for your brand. High quality and unique content will give your business more credibility; hence it will also have a positive effect on the sales revenue. More than 50% of the buyers take notice of well written blog posts before they make a purchasing decision. Here it is essential that you don’t use duplicate content from other websites, which can negatively affect your marketing campaign. It is important to build on a thriving content marketing strategy that would complement your brand name.

Content marketing improves SEO

Unique and authentic content optimized with relevant and trending keywords is the decisive factor of a robust search engine optimization strategy. Adhering to SEO will not only lead your website to feature on top of search engine result pages, but will also drive in more traffic to your website. Here high quality content infused with keywords plays the role of grabbing the attention of both the search engines and your web visitors; it will drive in qualified traffic and help increase conversion rates. Content also has the power to persuade mere web visitors to convert into customers by making them trust your products and services.

Content Marketing

Build your brand with content marketing.

Content is at the center of any online marketing strategy, therefore investing in a faultless content marketing plan is of utmost importance when it comes to raising awareness for your brand. It is the key to reinforce your business’s online presence and to extend your reach to a wider target market. Our talented content marketers at Green Media Partners are not only academically trained to write unique and well-researched content, but they also know how to use every word they write to fulfill your marketing goals.

Content marketing strategies

Plan your content ahead of time

At Green Media Partners in Sri Lanka we have many brainstorming sessions with our clients to come up with appropriate titles and content for their websites. We will check with the website’s analytics to see which pages will be more popular. We will also check the referring pages to see how people will approach those pages. This will provide you with a basic idea of what type of content your target audience is looking for. We’ll make sure to check all the question sites and LinkedIn answers to identify what kind of questions your target audience usually asks. Our team will be prepared with a plan to give out quality content to your viewers.

Create content that pops

We focus on providing content that can be consumed easily by the Sri Lankan viewers. It is known that an average viewer will only stay on one web page less than one minute, so you have to make sure that the content will catch their eye and attention within a minute. Long paragraphs of boring content will not help your business at all; because it would only drive away your customers by making them lose their interest in what you have to say. The viewers will directly move to your competition. Professional copywriters in our firm can help you create content that will attract your potential customers and fulfill their search queries.

Content should be SEO improved

When you prepare your content for your target audience in Sri Lanka, it is important to make sure that it is optimized for searching before you post it. We can research all the keywords and key phrases by using web tools such as Google Keyword Tool and add keywords in the most appropriate places on the content for it to be optimized. For example your content title, file names of the articles, images and videos are important information that search engines take into notice. Having a professional SEO specialist like Green Media Partners will make it so much easier because they are updated about the current trends in search engine optimization.

Create backlinks to your content

If you have a lot of backlinks pointing back to your content it will get more attention via search engines. Being interactive by responding and leaving comments on relevant articles, blog posts and forums with a link back to your own website or blog will help you to increase the amount of backlinks. But make sure you only paste your links on relevant places, otherwise it will not help your business at all, because if it is pasted in irrelevant places your target consumers might think your business lack credibility and will consider as spam. Our specialists have years of experience about these back-links and know exactly where to post, comment and interact.

Make your content social

It is extremely important that you make your new content available in almost all the channels of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to grab the attention of your target audience. Instead of posting the title of the article or blog post, make sure to mention a key point or a relevant question so that it will catch the attention of the target audience immediately. Social media sites provide you the ideal platform to expand your reach and to build brand awareness. Being in LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups that are relevant to your field of business will really help you to focus on and gain access to your target audience.

Hire the right content marketers

While you may run a business, you may not have time to maintain a consistent content marketing plan that could benefit your overall online marketing campaign. Our content writers at Green Media Partners in Sri Lanka are not only professionally trained to handle content marketing projects smoothly, but they are also keen on conducting research and learning about new subjects. They have also internalized the SEO guidelines they must adhere to when writing content and therefore they are able to produce an outcome that would earn you a higher rank on search result pages and that would drive in more qualified web visitors to your site.

Content Marketing

Green Media Partners is a specialized online marketing agency in Sri Lanka. We have handled a several number of projects of which the results have proven us as experts in online marketing.

We incorporate nothing but the best online marketing tactics and strategies which guarantee increased conversion rates and optimal return on investment for our valued customers.

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