Baidu SEO

Do you want to have high SEO rankings in Baidu, the number one search engine that is mostly used in China? Compared with the SEO process in Google, Baidu SEO is very different and complicated. Optimizing Baidu is more expensive than most other search engines, because the time period to optimize Baidu is longer and the competition is fiercer than it is with Google. It is a well-known fact that only a very few foreign businesses have succeeded in promoting themselves online in China through Baidu, because not a lot of businesses have understood how Baidu works. Our SEO team is specialized in Baidu SEO as well and has successfully dealt with many projects.

Baidu SEO

Make a name for your thriving business in China by investing in Baidu SEO, which is your quickest way to access the Chinese digital market.

Keyword mining and keyword database setup

We know what tools to use to extract keyword data directly from the paid Baidu PPC API, which is the most accurate keyword data extractor available. We can offer services to provide a localized version of your English keyword list, or if you just want to begin from the start we can conduct a thorough keyword research as well. The keyword database we will build for you will be extremely comprehensive and it will be extremely useful in optimizing your business website and getting a higher rank for it on Baidu search result pages.

Baidu indexation improvement

If you compare Google to Baidu, the former will have a lot of pages indexed, while in the latter you will see only a few pages being indexed. Despite the fact that it is actually a weakness in Baidu, we have to work with it to optimize your website. Our SEO specialists in Sri Lanka have good experience in dealing with issues regarding Baidu indexing and they know how to overcome the issues when using BaiduSpider, the web crawling bot of Baidu. We will find the best way to help BaiduSpider to find and index your web pages.

Baidu penalization recovery

Baidu search engine is very sensitive about its SEO process and about matters regarding over optimization. It is very common to see many websites getting penalized for not following the unique Baidu SEO rules. In Baidu it is common to see an organization losing 90% of its web traffic overnight or to have more than 60% of the pages being de-indexed in a few days which are absolutely not good signs for that business. We know all the Baidu SEO tricks to avoid penalization and keep your business from drowning overnight.

Baidu integrated marketing

Baidu has become a large internet ecosystem and it’s not only the Baidu web search that will help you to increase your business’s profits. We know how to use Baidu search, Baidu Zhidao (Baidu’s question and answer service), Baidu Image Service, Baidu Wiki and other items they use to become the number one search engine in China to build an integrated marketing plan. Our Baidu SEO specialists in Sri Lanka are creative individuals and we offer great service packages that are tailor made for your budget and requirements.

Baidu SEO

Establish your brand name in China with Baidu SEO.

If you are planning on building a solid reputation for your brand among your target market in China, optimizing your website for Baidu, which is the number one search engine in China, is the most effective technique available for you. Baidu SEO will enable you to increase your website’s visibility in Baidu, which in turn will expand your customer base in China. Our team of SEO specialists will make sure that your website is thoroughly optimized with the SEO guidelines to score a higher rank in Baidu.

Benefits of Baidu SEO

Highest user coverage

Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine in the world, with over millions of searchers visiting it daily. 138 countries use Baidu and it has reached 95% of the internet users in China. It has over 70% market share as a search engine in China, so if that is your target market, an impressive Baidu SEO strategy is extremely important for your business.

Pay-for-performance charging model

Your business advertisements will be distributed to web users who are actively searching for the services or products you are selling and you will have to pay only when they click on your ad, hence you will not be wasting your money unnecessarily. It will also give you the opportunity to increase or gain the optimal return on your investments.

Effective advertising solution for your business

In Baidu, there are different reports that will help you understand how well your advertisement which is promoting your product or service is performing on the search engine. These reports will also provide you with insightful and useful information about how you can improve reaching more members of your target market effectively and easily.

Helps increase your online sales

Your website needs to be established in Chinese search engines for it to get better results among the users. Marketers who use SEO strategies have a greater visibility on search engines. Our team of experts in Sri Lanka can help you improve your website’s visibility and help raise your rankings in Baidu, so it will help you increase online sales.

Improves your reputation

Using SEO strategies for Baidu will help you improve your image among the potential customers. Great content provided with relevant keywords will help you rank higher on Baidu Search Engine and the higher you rank, the more credibility it will hold for the web users. SEO can help hide the negative results while showing the positive side of your business.

Helps your business rank on top

Great SEO can help you appear on the first pages of Baidu and the right expertise can get you ranking number one. Keywords, quality back links, researching your competition’s strengths and weaknesses etc. will help you get there effortlessly. SEO experts like us know how to optimize the results and help your company to stay ahead of the competition.

Baidu SEO

Green Media Partners is a specialized online marketing agency in Sri Lanka. We have handled a several number of projects of which the results have proven us as experts in online marketing.

We incorporate nothing but the best online marketing tactics and strategies which guarantee increased conversion rates and optimal return on investment for our valued customers.

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