Logo Design

Do you need a new logo to boost your branding efforts? Green Media Partners located in Sri Lanka specializes in designing logos for businesses. We have in-house graphic designers with years of experience and they will be able to provide you with professional logo designs to make an impression on the marketplace. No matter how small or large your business might be, if you do not have a logo by which people would remember you, then your brand will not receive recognition. Therefore it is extremely important that you have a logo design which will help your company gain recognition among potential Sri Lankan clients.

Benefits of Logo Design

A unique logo design will give you a competitive advantage by distinguishing your brand among your competitors in the market.

Helps you stand out from your competition

Having a great logo with a professional touch to it will help your company build more credibility than the competitors out there in the market. A well-designed logo will give out the notion that you are well-established in the industry; it will stand out from the rest and will provide your business with a competitive advantage. A logo would not only distinguish you from your competitors in the field, but it will also make a memorable impact on you customers mind.

Logo design can exemplify your brand value

A customized logo design will not only help you beat your competition, but it will also help you decide what you want your products and services to be branded as. You can choose three words to describe your brand and how you would like it to be seen by your customers. You can try words like innovative, luxury, reasonable, sophisticated etc. These words should be visually seen and conveyed in your logo in a way that would effectively deliver your message.

Have access to all the design files you need

Logos are commonly designed with the intention of using it on a business card or a signage. Designed logos will not only be used on your website, but they will also be used everywhere necessary for branding and promotion purposes. When you are creating a custom logo you will be provided with all the graphic files that can be big or small, full HD or black and white. It should be a logo that will look good on a letterhead or side of a pen or a massive billboard.

Represent your business for many years

When you are investing in a logo design, make sure you have the right idea and a professional team behind like Green Media Partners, because this custom logo will represent your organization everywhere in the future, for maybe 5, 10 or 20 years. Instead of merely focusing on current trends, it is best that you concentrate on both the present and the future and come up with a lasting design which could speak for your brand over many generations to come.

Works for your target audience

When you create a custom logo design, you need to verify with your potential Sri Lankan clients whether they like it or not, because the logo itself will have a big impact on their decision making about buying your products and services. Get a few colleagues and business partners to check on the design and give honest opinions, and try to do a survey in the locality to check their opinion about it as well, so if changes need to be done it can be done instantly.

Logo Design

Make a good first impression!

A professionally designed logo, or in other words, a logo which is designed by professionals after extensive research, is essential to gain recognition as a well-established business or organization. Our talented and expert designers at Green Media Partners will help you create the most unique logo design which will make a lasting impression of your company among your current as well as potential customers. It will be a striking symbol of the great qualities of your brand.

How do we create a great logo design?

What describes your business well?

As we discussed earlier, write words that would relate to your business and choose 3 of them that stand out. You can use a white board and a thesaurus and brainstorm with your colleagues or with a professional team of designers who have years of experience like we do. First make a list of at least 40 to 50 words that would go along with your company’s main characteristics. For example; your company would come up with words like innovative, fast, professional, driven, quick solutions etc. Then you can hold a discussion to narrow it down to 3 that will suit your company the best.

Making words a reality

Having three best words to describe your logo is not good enough. You need imagery and fonts that will go along with those words as well. With the words that you have come up with you might come across some strange images that will not make sense to you while brainstorming, but once it is given to a creative graphic artist, he will know how to work with the images and your ideas. If the images cannot bring out the idea that you need to convey, they will use fonts to represent your identity. They will play with images and fonts until they can find how to convey your message to the target consumers.

Creative concepts

We can come up with a few creative concepts that you could choose from. It is considered best to look at concepts as black and white art, for you could easily by pass a great idea because you just didn’t like the colour. At this stage what you need to concentrate on is how to narrow down the options available to you, like finding out whether you would like capital letters in your logo or prefer a more youthful and trendy lower case letters and fonts to go along with it, or whether the text of the logo should be above, below or on the side of the image or whether you prefer a chunky font or an elegant script etc.

Pulling it all together

Now after brainstorming through all the collected images, fonts and concepts you will have a list of things you like to use on your logo and ideas that you would not like to see on your logo design. Take the short listed elements and revisit the words of the company characteristics and make sure it still gives out the message you need to convey to your customers as well as the public. If there are any changes to be made, you can tell your graphic designer what you like and dislike about the outcome. Then you can ask him to prepare 2 or 3 designs based on your feedback and to introduce a color palette to your logo.

Ask for guidance and opinions

After getting 2 or 3 logo designs together, it is best to ask a few friends, existing clients as well as potential clients as to what they think of the design and whether it will suit your business, especially within the context or the culture of Sri Lanka well. We can conduct a small survey to determine the perfect and the most preferred choice. We can start by asking for their opinions and what they like and dislike about it after educating them about the message that you would like to convey. After gathering information from them, we will weigh those opinions with yours and decide what is best for your company.

Final result/artwork

After you chose a design out of the few the graphic designer has given to you, you can get the final changes done. You can request the designer to change fonts, colors and other elements of the designed sample or samples and finally decide on an artwork that you would like to go along with. Make sure that you get a black and white version of the logo developed, as wells as a one-color version and a full colored version for all your branding and promotional purposes. Get larger versions for billboards and smaller versions to be distributed for all other promotional purposes, such as for websites.

Logo Design

Green Media Partners is a renowned web design company in Sri Lanka. We have years of experience in designing unique websites for small startup businesses as well as large corporations.

We combine the latest web design technology in the industry and the full commitment and passion of our expert team members to ensure the best outcome for our valued customers.

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