Landing Page Design

A well designed landing page can make the difference between a user making a purchase of your products or service or completely losing interest in them. There are so many techniques and procedures to create a great design, but with website landing pages, there’s only one precise method. It is very well known as ‘conversion-centered design’, or in other words a landing page design that would convince a user to take some action. Our design specialists at Green Media Partners in Sri Lanka have the expertise and skills to establish your company’s credibility by presenting the benefits of the products and services you offer to build a strong call-to-action (CTA) that will encourage conversion.

The main services we offer at Green Media Partners are;

  • Providing professional landing page designs consistent with your brand.
  • Providing strong, clear and precise landing page designs and copies.
  • Creating landing pages that will speak volumes about your brand.

Techniques to Optimize a Landing Page

A landing page design that can immediately grab the attention of web visitors plays a major role in increasing your conversion rates and doubling revenue.

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Clear title and layout

Use clear titles and a layout that put across your offer and incentive the fastest way possible. If you are able to have a landing page that loads faster and easy to go through, it will be successful in contributing to increase your conversion rates. 79% of users scan a page before they decide to read; hence if it doesn’t load fast and if it doesn’t contain engaging information, they won’t think twice before moving on to the next best website.

Know your target market

The easiest way to optimize your website’s landing page to increase the number of visitors who take an action (signing up for an email newsletter or purchasing a product or service), is to extensively gather information about your target market. Learning about the demands, needs and requests of your target market will help you design a landing page that would cater to their purpose aptly and attract their attention immediately.

Keep the visitor focused

The main target of a landing page should be to grab the attention of the web visitor immediately. Therefore it is important to design a landing page that is striking to the eye and is devoid of any unnecessary distractions, such as pop-up advertisements or audios and videos playing in the background. You can keep your visitors focused by removing navigation of the landing page and by visually directing users to your CTA.

Get them to take an action

While it is important to impress the visitor enough to stay on your landing page and engage with the content, it is equally important to encourage them to take an action such as downloading an e-book or signing up for a promotion. In order to do so you need to give the visitors something with actual value. There is no space for cover ups. If you want them to provide you with their information, give them something worthy in return.

Gain the trust of the visitor

Building trust with your visitor is extremely important if you wish to optimize your landing page. Great striking design, authentic, credible and informative content and genuine client testimonials will encourage your visitors to invest their trust in your brand. It is obviously a lot easier to get them to sign up for email newsletters, to submit their information or to get them to buy a product if they trust the content of your website.

Pay attention to the content

Content on the landing page is as important as the content anywhere else on your website. However it is important that you adhere to concise paragraphs that convey the message directly and appealingly instead of lengthy detailed ones. The main focus of the landing page should be to direct the visitor to take an action, hence keep the content brief. It is also equally important to optimize the content using the trending keywords to boost your SEO.

Landing Page Design

Captivate your web visitors with a unique landing page design!

A landing page is a primary element of a website as it serves as the entry point to a site; therefore it is important that it is capable of making a favorable impression on the web visitor the moment he is directed to the page. Our designers at Green Media Partners are creative and well-versed in the art and science of designing landing pages. Their strategy includes designing landing pages that can both draw the attention of the visitor and convince them to convert into a loyal customer.

Benefits of landing page design

Increased conversion rates

The more landing pages you have on your website, the more opportunities you will have of converting visitors into leads and customers. There are two types of landing pages you can use to reach your target; lead generation landing pages and click-through landing pages. Both these types allow you to continue communicating to your web visitor about your products and services and warm him up to convert into a customer.

Helps achieve your business goals

Specific landing page designs can help you reach your goals; for example if your business goal is to sell a new product, you can create the landing page in a way that would accomplish that particular goal, by warming up the visitor to make a purchase. Your business goals may vary from getting your visitor to sign up for an email newsletter to getting them to click through to buying a product. With an engaging landing page design, you can easily get them to do anything.

Easy access to user information

Landing pages give you the opportunity to learn about your target market. When the visitors fill out the information forms, you can analyze that data you gather to study factors about the members of your target audience, such as social preferences, demographics etc. Such information can later be used to enhance your other business endeavors; media campaigns, product creation and development, future sales, research projects etc.

Tracking the success of your campaign

Landing pages also allow you to track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign. The statistics of the visitors who respond to your call-to-action or the click through to buying your products or services can help you determine the progress of your marketing campaign and efforts. You can also use tools such as AdSense, Google Analytics and built-in WordPress plugins, to effectively track down the success of your marketing campaign.

Landing Page Design

Green Media Partners is a renowned web design company in Sri Lanka. We have years of experience in designing unique websites for small startup businesses as well as large corporations.

We combine the latest web design technology in the industry and the full commitment and passion of our expert team members to ensure the best outcome for our valued customers.

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