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How hotels in Sri Lanka can benefit from SEO
by Michelle Dauphin on August 10, 2015
Why hotels in Sri Lanka should invest in SEO?

In a decade where the World Wide Web has become the major hub of universal information which everyone can access despite who he is or where he is, being part of it as a business readers easy access to a large portion of the target market. Most consumers depend on the internet to learn about something they want to purchase or some place they want to visit; hence it has rather become an unavoidable segment of their entire shopping or traveling experience. This trend has also urged entrepreneurs to embrace the online aspect of the marketing process to produce better and faster results.

While information about everything is being uploaded to and archived in the internet, it has sparked a competition between millions of websites being launched every single day; a competition based on which source holds the more relevant information and which is more likely to satisfy the web searcher. Of course, the winner is chosen by search engines and according to the guidelines of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It, then, goes without saying that SEO is the sole survival technique any business website can incorporate to gain a higher rank in search engine result pages, while at the same time being of service to the hungry consumers out there.

What is hotel SEO?

There is a wide array of SEO strategies that has been established in the world of online marketing, although the core of every strategy holds the same formula; optimizing a website to earn a higher rank in search engines. Here is some helpful insight as to how one may optimize a website for a search engine;

  • Infusing website content with relevant keywords which should be gathered by a proper keyword research.
  • Including content which is authentic, informative and credible; it should also entertain and appeal to the web visitor.
  • Maintaining a solid link profile; always make sure the inbound links and the outbound links of your website are connected to reliable and reputable sources.
  • Proving a user-friendly web experience to the web visitor with easy navigation, fast loading web pages, and appealing designs etc.

Hotel SEO also consists of such guidelines as mentioned above and is a unique marketing technique hotels in Sri Lanka can use to efficiently boost their monthly revenue. However in more definitive terms, hotel SEO is the process by which hotels can increase the visibility of their website in search engines in order to attract more guests.

How can SEO help hotels in Sri Lanka?

Most travelers (from Sri Lanka itself or from another country) turn to the internet to learn about the hotels they want to visit or stay in before they finalize a decision. In most cases, they allow the search engine itself to suggest them a place to stay, by merely entering a search query for hotels in the area they will be visiting. If your hotel’s website does rank as the number one search result, or at least among the top five search results, the probability of the web searcher choosing your hotel is substantially high.

Now, this is where hotel SEO comes to play, for without it, your website will not get a higher rank or even a position on the first search engine result page for that matter; and hardly any web searcher wants to visit the second SERP! That is why a sound SEO strategy plays a vital role in the survival of a website; hence if your hotel has a website make sure that you invest in a thriving SEO strategy. In case you don’t have a website at all, then take action immediately to build one before you lose any more potential customers who will never learn about your hotel because they could not find your website!

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What are the benefits of hotel SEO?

  • More visibility and more guests! – SEO can help hotels in Sri Lanka increase their online visibility by earning their websites a top rank in search engines. In any online marketing strategy, search engine optimization plays a leading role, because it is the technique which will generate more organic web traffic to a website and convince the web visitors to convert into customers, or in this case into hotel guests. A higher rank, smooth navigation, attractive web design and very useful information optimized with the trending keywords will score your hotel’s website a top rank on SERPs; this will automatically generate continuous web traffic or potential guests. Moreover with the correct SEO strategy in place, search engines will only direct qualified traffic to your website.
  • Win over your competitors effortlessly! – Optimizing the website of your hotel in Sri Lanka for search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing will help you beat your competitors quite easily. How? When every element of your website, from its coding to its images, is optimized to help the search engine crawlers to rank your website up at the very top, your website will definitely gain a higher SEO status than that of your competitor. Such superiority associated with your website will automatically convince the web searcher to visit your website instead of your competitor’s.
  • With great SEO comes great status! – Hotel SEO is not merely about getting a higher rank on search engine result pages for the relevant keyword search or driving in more and more qualified organic web traffic, it is also a method of marketing your brand or establishing your brand among your target market. A superior SEO status is attached to great online prestige which will have a great positive impact on your offline marketing efforts as well. Consequently, your web visitors will not hesitate to invest their trust in you or paying a visit to your hotel in Sri Lanka.

SEO is the most efficient and most cost-effective marketing tool that can be used by hotels in Sri Lanka to boost their online marketing efforts. Green Media Partners, as a leading SEO service in Sri Lanka, has great experience building thriving hotel SEO strategies which have helped many hotels in Sri Lanka to increase their revenue in a fairly short period of time.

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