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by Michelle Dauphin on August 11, 2015

More travellers are becoming heavily dependent on the internet to suggest them where to visit and which hotel to stay in. While travel websites such as Trip Advisor or Yahoo! Travel drive in millions of monthly visitors, it has made it rather a necessity than an option to maintain a website in the name of your hotel to score a recommendation from these directories.

While lack of a website can cost you almost half of your potential guests, a unique hotel website design can drive in an increased amount of direct hotel bookings. A website design which drives in qualified traffic and leads to high conversion rates is sure to build a strong online presence for your hotel; and a strong web presence is essential to succeed in your marketing efforts, both online and offline.

Why you should invest in hotel website design

To gain a strong web presence
The increasing reliance of modern consumers on the internet is further reinforcing the necessity of online marketing. More and more entrepreneurs are increasing their online marketing budget in order to expand their customers and to double their revenue. The best way to establish your hotel’s online presence is by creating a website design that will get both a higher rank in search engines and the attention of your potential guests. A hotel website design will open up many opportunities to you, starting with easy access to a large portion of your target market. It will serve as the portal to other online platforms such as social media networking sites as well. A unique website will in in fact contribute to helping you achieve your business goals.

To get ahead of the game
Online marketing is the new chapter of marketing and it is not going to diminish in effect anytime soon. All types of entrepreneurs and businessmen are investing heavily in online marketing to promote their brand and attract more customers. Undoubtedly all your competitors too have reserved a large fraction of their budget to build on a thriving online presence. With an excellent hotel website design, you can accelerate your attempts at beating your completion and become the number one hospitality services in your local are or in the world. A website which can drive in a continuous flow of organic web traffic is always bound to stay ahead of the game; it will help you establish a distinguished position for your hotel in the industry.

To drive in more guests
As mentioned above, many look to the internet to get an idea as to which place to visit and which hotel to stay in. If your hotel’s website appears on the top of search engine result pages when the web searcher types in the place he wants to visit in the area your hotel is located in, the chance are he will be making a direct call to book a room immediately. A striking hotel web design will help to make a good first impression on the web visitor; it will provide valuable information about your hotel to the visitor convincing and tempting him to come visit your hotel.

To dominate search engines
The key to succeeding your online marketing strategy and to driving in more web traffic or potential guests to your website is to have a great website design that has the power to dominate in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. A prosperous hotel website design which is laid out according to a sound SEO strategy can easily rank high in search engine result pages and driving in highly qualified traffic to the site. Since the design is well in accordance with a SEO framework, it will also provide an excellent user-friendly web experience for your website visitors. Because your website drives in increased traffic and reigns over result pages, other related and reputable websites will also recommend yours to their customers. Thus in no time you will be able to expand your customer base.

The designers at Green Media Partners have many years of experience in designing websites for various businesses, including many hotels. They will design you a website that will aptly represent your hotel, hospitality services and brand values and that will easily convert your web traffic to guests while distinguishing you from your competitors.

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