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YouTube SEO

How to rank #1 on YouTube
by Michelle Dauphin on September 15, 2015

With more than a billion unique monthly visitors who watch more than 6 billion hours of video every month, YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube is not only a place where people come to watch music videos, prank videos and videos of cute kittens playing with each other, but it is also a place where people come to watch how-to videos and learn about new product launches. Hence, YouTube is definitely a great place to garner some more customers to your business.

Just like with Google, you need to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your video rank high for the relevant search queries conducted by your target viewers. YouTube, which is a video search engine, gives priority to videos that have been properly optimized with YouTube SEO.

What is YouTube SEO optimization?

When you optimize a website for Google, it has a greater chance of ranking atop search engine result pages; this entails increasing the visibility of your website and generating more qualified traffic. Along these lines, YouTube SEO consists of optimizing your videos to increase their visibility on YouTube and getting more views from qualified viewers from your target audience. YouTube SEO is also a major way of leading traffic to you website and raising brand awareness.

YouTube SEO best practices

Write long video descriptions

Neither Google nor YouTube can watch your videos to learn what they are about before they proceed to rank them; therefore, a video description is something you must provide. Short video descriptions won’t be much of a help in letting YouTube know what exactly your video is about. A well-detailed description that precisely refers to the details of your video will help both the search engine and your viewers understand what your video is about; this will assist search engines decide which rank it deserves on YouTube search results pages, and it will also make it easy for your audience to understand the message you are trying to deliver through your video. Thus, make sure that your YouTube video description is at least 200 words and aptly summarizes the subject matter of your video.

Optimize with keywords

Keywords are what fuels Search Engine Optimization. Any SEO strategy prioritizes keywords and YouTube SEO does not deviate from the norm just because YouTube is a video search engine. Optimizing the content (video description, titles, tags and meta descriptions) with keywords is a great way to get a high ranking position, not only on YouTube, but also on Google. Keywords or keyword phrases that are featured in the content should reflect the main topic of your video. When the keywords are properly inserted, your videos will come on top of YouTube and Google search results pages for the relevant keywords queries; hence you will be able to double the views on your video while at the same time spreading awareness for your brand.

Take advantage of the assistance of other online communities

You have the ability to generate more views to your video by publishing it on other online communities such as Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Because the quality and the number of your video views are major contributing factors to YouTube SEO optimization, you need to make sure that you generate qualified traffic as much as possible, and online platforms such as the ones mentioned above will definitely help you get increased views. You can publish your video or share its link on your social media accounts, or you can attach it with a helpful answer to a question posed by your target audience on one of these online communities. The more qualified viewers you generate, the higher your video will rank on YouTube.

Get your viewers to subscribe and link

Unlike Google, YouTube SEO does not consider backlinks when ranking a video, but it does consider the user experience signals, such as linking and subscribing. If a viewer subscribes, likes or leaves a comment after watching your video, it will indicate to YouTube that your video is of high quality; consequently YouTube will offer a higher rank for your video in its search result pages. Also, encouraging your viewers to share the link of your video will also generate more viewers.

These YouTube SEO tips are the latest in 2015 and they will definitely help you promote your videos and get more viewers quite easily. While you make sure to implement these YouTube SEO best practices, you should also make sure to create quality, interesting and helpful videos that would convince your viewers to watch, subscribe, like and comment on.

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