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The Best Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks

How to build an effective Facebook marketing strategy
by Michelle Dauphin on September 8, 2015

Although there were social media sites such as Friendster and MySpace in the beginning, it was Facebook that changed the mere concept of social media to a full-blown trend. The revolutionary social media site has not only changed the very lifestyle of many individuals, but it has also changed how people communicate, share information and maintain their social and personal relationships.

The fact that Facebook is the world’s largest social media site with 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide proves it to be the most effective platform for marketing. For small businesses as well as large companies and corporations, Facebook has created many opportunities in terms of creating communities of loyal followers, promoting products and services and building brand authority.

Sure, sharing a picture of a share-worthy moment of the day or voicing your opinion on a personal or a public matter on Facebook is something everyone is capable of. However, the marketing aspect of Facebook is quite different from merely publishing a status or image among your friends and family. An effective Facebook marketing strategy, one that will complement your overall online marketing efforts and help you convert more fans to customers, is based on careful planning, following guidelines, effective communication and commitment.

Facebook Marketing tips

Create an attention-grabbing Facebook page

You should start your Facebook marketing campaign with a fan page that would encourage your current and potential customers to subscribe to and follow it. Your efforts should focus on creating a completed profile; select a relevant and striking profile picture, cover photo and fill the About Us section with useful and informative details. The About Us section plays a major role in telling your potential followers what your brand is about; hence it is important to include all the details of your brand to raise brand awareness among your target audience.

Optimize your Facebook custom tabs

These Facebook custom tabs are a great way to enhance fan engagement, build increased traffic and double the number of your subscribers. The first two tabs are for photos and Likes as required by Facebook, but you can use the other custom tabs to provide your location, announce and promote events or launches of new products or even to get your fans to sign up for newsletters and eBooks. By properly optimizing these tabs, you will have the chance to encourage more visitors to Like and follow your page.

Always post engaging content

The newsfeed of your average fan is filled with stories from their friends, family and the other pages they have liked. According to Facebook’s recent algorithm update with regard to how these news stories get listed on the newsfeed of a fan, top priority is given to the posts of his friends he follows (likes, comment on or shares)most frequently. Consequently, it is important to create posts that have read-worthy, likeable and shareable content. It is equally important to regularly update your Timeline with fresh posts and to publish each of these posts during times when your fans are most active on Facebook.

Increase fan engagement

Facebook gives you the rare opportunity to communicate with your fans on a more personal level. You can use this opportunity to increase your page’s fan engagement. You can host quizzes, give away free gifts for the fan of the month, hold Q&A sessions to answer the questions your fans may have and post entertaining videos or images and ask questions. In any case, getting your fans to respond to your posts will get you more social signals that will in turn contribute to your SEO efforts and overall online presence.

Make use of targeted advertising

Facebook offers entrepreneurs the best marketing approach; targeted advertising. You can use the demographic and personal information about your fans on Facebook to promote your products and services to an audience who would genuinely be interested in making a purchase. There are various types of Facebook ads such as the ads that direct your fans straight to your Facebook page or to another site beyond Facebook. There are also other ads that will allow you to promote Facebook events. Since Facebook fans are given the option to hide the ad if they don’t like it, it is important that you gain their attention; in order to do so you need to find the most qualified target audience which you can easily find through Facebook’s targeting tools.

Use audience insight to build a better strategy

Understanding your audience and its response to your Facebook marketing campaign is essential to monitoring your progress and build future strategies. You can use Facebook’s Audience Insights to see what your fans engage with and like. Being able to gain such insight into the preferences of your fans and followers will enable you to figure out what sort of content you should publish; whether you should attach more videos or more images or share links to blog articles on your website. A Facebook marketing strategy that is based on the preferences of your fans will definitely generate more conversions.

The above Facebook marketing tips will help you build a strategy that would generate more effective results in your online marketing attempts. Creating a result-driven strategy that focuses on increasing fan engagement is the key to harnessing the power of Facebook marketing. Green Media Partners, as one of the most prominent Facebook marketing companies in New York, USA and Sri Lanka, will help you pieces together the perfect Facebook marketing strategy to boost your social rankings and online ratings.

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