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by Michelle Dauphin on September 3, 2015

Many would agree with the fact that the 21st century is the era of social media networking as it has made a significant impact on the life of each individual. While many people around the world claim memberships to the various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc., they have substantially changed the way how people interact with each other and maintain their social and personal relationships.

The impact of this latest trend of social media networking on the field of business is no less profound and revolutionary. Many entrepreneurs have discovered innumerable marketing opportunities which are not only effective, but also very affordable. While maintaining social and personal interaction through social media sites seem simple and entertaining, the marketing aspect of social media networking takes a whole different approach, one that requires adhering to certain guidelines of optimization.

How to Optimize Social Media Profiles

When it comes to social media marketing, you need to focus your attention on optimizing your social profiles for 2 search engines; Google and the search function of each social media site you are a member of. This article will help you understand how to optimize your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks in order to increase their visibility on the search engines.


With over 1 billion of active users, Facebook stands as one of the most popular social media networks. It has also proven to be a very effective platform for marketing and brand building. It provides businessmen the opportunity to stay connected with their customers while discovering new clients.

When it comes to Facebook, only your page’s name, a short description, number of people who have liked and are talking about your page will appear on the search engine result pages of Google. In order to get a higher rank for your page in Google, you should optimize the page name with keywords (which is the search term your potential clients would use in their search queries). Hence, just the name of your brand or business for your page’s name will not get you a top rank on Google search result pages; but if you somehow include a keyword which has high search volume in to the page’s name, it will definitely increase your chances of ranking high.

On the other hand Facebook search engine optimization requires more than modifying your page’s name. If you want your page to come on top of Facebook search, the keyword needs to be included in your page’s subcategory. Thus, when Facebook users conduct their search by using the particular keyword, your page will appear on top of search results.


Twitter, which has over 200 million users, is also a very effective marketing platform. Many businesses use Twitter because it is easy and quick. Just like Facebook, Twitter is also effective in raising brand awareness and increasing fan engagement.

Google tends to display almost all the Twitter profiles on its search engine result pages. However, Google does not use your Twitter bio as the meta description, instead it would use one of your latest tweets, your username, profile name and the number of followers, tweets, videos and photos that you have tweeted. Google usually ranks Twitter profiles which has keywords in their username or profile name, higher in search result pages.

When it comes to Twitter search results, profiles which are closely related to the search term will appear on top. Hence, including the key search terms in your profile name, username, Twitter bio and even in your tweets will help your target market find your profile more easily.


LinkedIn has gained itself the reputation of being the world’s largest online business community. With over 300 million registered members, it has become a popular personal branding tool. Many professionals or businessmen have been able to build partnerships and promote their brand through LinkedIn quite successfully.

When Google ranks your LinkedIn profile on its search result pages, it displays your company page name and the page description. Hence, if your page name is properly optimized with a keyword, it has a higher potential of getting a top rank.

On the other hand your company page will appear on top of LinkedIn search results, if it is properly optimized for the keyword or key phrase which the searcher would use in his search query. Therefore, including the particular keyword in the page name will help you gain a top rank on both Google and LinkedIn search results.

Other Social Media Sites


In order to increase your visibility in search results on both Google and Google+, you need to include the certain key term in the page’s name and the page introduction.


Including keywords in the video description, video name and channel name will enable you to score a higher rank on Google Search results. On the other hand, including the specific keywords in the channel name will get you a higher rank on YouTube search results.


Optimizing your profile name and description with keywords will allow you to increase your Pinterest account’s visibility on Google. If the keyword is included in the profile name, it will have a greater chance of ranking best on Pinterest.

In conclusion we can see that including the specific keywords or key phrases in the page name and the description of your social media accounts will help your get a higher rank on both Google and in the search result of the particular social media site itself. While it is important to come up as a top rank on these search engines, you should not forget the fact that the main goal of your social media campaign is to promote your brand; hence you should choose the keywords wisely and after conducting proper keyword research.

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