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by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015

A Facebook fan page for a business has become the new norm over the recent few years, while one without is considered to be the new queer. A Facebook fan page is an all-in-one package which includes space for client testimonials, posts, videos, links, images, quizzes, promotional agendas as well as product launches. Moreover it is a cost-effective and fruitful source, compared to other traditional channels of marketing (such as print media, TV and radio) which are rapidly deteriorating in productiveness. Since more than half the world population uses Facebook it has become the ultimate marketing tool that can be incorporated to raise brand awareness.

However as easy as it is to create a Facebook fan page for your product or service, it is not always that easy to grab the attention of its members, who are definitely more interested in what is going on in the lives of their friends and family than with a brand they know hardly anything about. With Facebook’s latest algorithm updates, increasing engagement has proven more difficult. However all it takes to achieve more exposure on Facebook, while simultaneously getting your fans to engage more is a little creativity, effort, passion and patience.

Ask attention-grabbing questions

Most Facebook users scroll down over so many posts without even giving a second to read what they are about. One of the easiest ways to get their attention is by asking a thought-provoking question. You can base it on a trending topic that is related to your product or service. With such questions, you will be able to pry out a response from the audience quite easily. For example, you can post a multiple choice question. This technique can also improve and solidify the relationship between you and your audience since you would be interacting with each other regularly.

Publish timely relevant and fresh content

Your fans or followers would definitely not want to read about last week’s news when there are lists of important things happening this week. It is imperative that you base your content on trending news, which should be relevant to what your brand represent. It is one of the surefire ways to get your target audience to engage. For example incorporating a popular hashtag can draw more attention from like-minded people who could be your potential customers.

Get visual

Plain text on Facebook is usually invisible to its users. However, their attention can be snatched through appealing illustrations or images, or even videos for that matter. Attaching an image or an interesting video is always a sure way to seize the attention of the target audience. For an instant you can spice up the entire post with a little sneak peak photograph of your new product or a behind-the-scene image of an event you held. Moreover visual proof of your products or services will increase transparency and credibility, hence encouraging your followers to trust you more.

Publish at the right time

It is of great importance that you publish each of your posts at the right time. The members of your target market would not be online all the time; they could be at work, driving to or from work or sleeping in. Therefore you should make sure that you publish your post when most of them are likely to online. You can reach a wider audience by avoiding traffic hours and late night hours.

Keep on posting

Facebook is a very active platform; the newsfeed of an average Facebook user gets updated every few minutes. If you fail to update your page frequently, you will never be able to reach out to your followers. It’s best to publish a post, whether a link, image, video, article etc. at least twice every day. However it should also be noted that constantly bombarding your followers would only annoy them, and even cause them to stop following your posts.

Give your audience something to be involved with

Facebook is an ideal platform to host quizzes, contests or Q&A sessions. You can attract more attention of the audience by announcing the giveaway of a reward such as a voucher or a free sample of your product. If you base your posts about your followers, there is a higher possibility of them noticing it.

These tips will help you increase your Facebook fan engagement and guide you towards a successful social media marketing strategy.

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