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How to exploit Google+ for your advantage
by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015

Some say Google+ is Google’s version of Facebook, although with over 500 million users, it has proven that it is not just another place for people to publicize their personal information while making acquaintances with strangers across the world.  Sure it has pretty much the same features as Facebook, sharing videos, posts, status updates and so on and so forth, yet Google+ is everything Google! And friends, Google is everything we do online, in spite of Yahoo or Bing!

Whether you run a personal or business website or a blog, Google is your number one target. And what better way to get its attention than being part of its very own social media site? There is no room to argue otherwise because more than a hundred survey results show that your Google+ business profile has a better chance of being found on Google than, well anything else actually!

While you might maintain profiles for your business on every other social media site, you might wonder why you need to start promoting your service or product on another social media site. Well, it’s the trend. If you are falling behind the trend then obviously it’s going to have a negative impact on your business. While you sit there wondering, your competitors might already be stealing your customers with their Google+ charm.

Being Google’s own child Google+ has its own advantages and privileges. It’s time your business makes use of them. Each post you publish on the site has a unique URL which allows them to act as a separate page, so if you write them including the correct keywords, they will appear on your customer’s search engine result pages, and yes maybe even on the top ranks! And the more ‘+1’ you get the more you’ll be crawled.

Make use of the SEO value it offers

+1s equivalent to the ‘likes’ on Facebook, can actually add value to your post. For example say you share a great post, which is of course written according to the traditional SEO guidelines, and which receives a several number of +1s and gets shared among your G+ followers, this will automatically give it a greater chance of being found in Google search engine results. This is a unique way to get your brand promoted.

Be part of Google+ communities

They are similar to Facebook groups where you can build close interactions with each member and share your comments and thoughts on topics. Find communities that are related to your business, and interact with the members. If you post a comment with a link to a post you have published on your own profile or the link to your own business profile, interested people might actually check you out. It could be a great way to build on traffic and attract new customer.

Integrate your YouTube channel

The Google app hangouts let you live stream to YouTube which is the second largest search engine in the world. On the other hand if you share a YouTube video on Google+ and your followers comment on it, the comments appear on your YouTube channel, thus helping you widen your reach on both the sites. The video should relate to your business, and this could be instrumental in building a trustworthy relationship between you and your customers.

Make use of what G+ offers you

Just like on Facebook, you can share images, videos, photographs or links on Google+ too. However unlike other social media sites, it allows you to format your posts. You can write in bold or italics so you can direct your reader’s attention to the important and specific bits of your message.

Make use of the relevant hashtags

If you use Twitter and Instagram then you are no stranger to hashtags. They allow people to explore topics they are interested in, and you can always create your own content based on a popular and trending hashtag that is relevant to what you are selling.

Don’t forget +post ads!

This option allows you to pay to get your precious G+ content or posts be promoted as ads on third party websites that are relevant to your services and products. It can be any of your public posts, videos, photographs or articles.  Your followers can also comment, +1 and share these posts and this will further allow you to increase brand recognition.

Google+ is most certainly a VIP ticket to the SEO world and as a business owner you should not miss joining the club!

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