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SEO for Dentists
by Suresh Melvin on August 31, 2015
SEO for Dentists

Dental SEO

In the 21st century, which has been termed as the information age, the internet plays a major role in the life of the average human being; he relies on the internet to find information about things he is interested in, places he wants to visit, people he wants to find and medical conditions he wants to learn about. In such an era where the internet has become a major source of information, the advantages it creates for service providers cannot be exaggerated enough. Online marketing has become the latest chapter of marketing and it keeps on growing and growing.

Dentists, like any other healthcare professional or entrepreneur, have increased their budget on online marketing in order to create wider exposure for their services among the public. The prosperity of any online marketing campaign largely relies on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the technique many use to drive in qualified traffic to their website. A good website alone will not help you promote your dental services to the patients out there; you need to make sure that the website is properly laid out according to a dental search engine optimization strategy in order to enjoy the optimal results.

What is Dental SEO?

In simplest of terms it is SEO for dentists; but in more elaborative terms, dental SEO is the process by which dentists can increase the visibility of their website on search engine results pages and drive in highly qualified organic traffic which would convert into customers. It has become a major dental marketing tool over the past few years, especially because of the irresistible benefits it has created for the healthcare professionals in the field of dentistry.

What are the dental SEO practices?

Dental SEO is like any other category of SEO, although it differs in relation to the field. Here are the best dental SEO practices that you should consider.

Keyword research
Keywords are an essential part of SEO, because it contributes to your rank on search engine result pages and to driving in the right kind of visitors to your site. Since it is extremely important to rank for the right keyword, you should conduct keyword research before writing your content. Finding the keywords that your target market is using is necessary to make them become aware of your websites which endorses your dental services.

Great website

Search engines tend to rank websites which have a great structure (smooth coding, simple navigation, fast loading pages etc.) on top of search results. Such websites also offer excellent user experience for the web visitors. If your visitor is impressed by your website, the chances are that they will stay on your page to learn about you and your services, hence choosing you as his dentist.

Useful content

Most patients surf the internet to find out information about the medical conditions they might be facing; hence it is important to provide them valuable information when they visit your page. Filling your website with original, credible and relevant information will not only help you make new clients, but it will also get you a top rank on SERPs.

High-quality backlinks

Getting backlinks from reputable websites will complement your dental SEO strategy; the more quality links you get the higher your website will rank. However it is important not to use black hat SEO tricks such as getting paid links from spam sites. If you optimize your website properly with dental SEO, other websites in your field will not hesitate to refer their audiences to you.

Gather social signals

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become quite effective in contributing to SEO. The social signals (likes, comments or shares) that you gather from such platform will help you gain a top search result rank. Google incorporate these social signals into its algorithms when it crawls a website to determine which rank it deserves.

If you are not a professionally trained dental SEO specialist yourself, it would be in your best interest to hire one of the prominent dental SEO services. While the field of dentistry is getting more competitive, Google keeps on changing its algorithms with regard to website ranking; under such a circumstance, getting the support of dental SEO services would ease your burden. The SEO gurus at Green Media Partners, who excel at dentist marketing, will create a dental SEO strategy that will surely get you website a top rank plus a continuous flow of organic traffic.

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