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The Secrets of Finding the Best SEO Service for Your Website

by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015

With search engines being smart as Einstein, you can’t possibly imagine how to bring your website to the top of the first search result page anytime soon. On the other hand another day spent on the bottom means the loss of a bunch of potential customers who apparently found your competitor’s website instead. So now is the time to turn to a SEO company and see if they can help you in some way. But yes, there’s the other problem. There are just too many SEO companies, in your geographical location alone! Everyone claims to be the best and the only so how can you even begin to pick the right one!

Over the past few years, the number of SEO services in Sri Lanka has rapidly increased, marking just a quantitative expansion instead of a qualitative one. While most tend to boast of having worked with renowned customers, they have only done a poor job with their SEO strategies. So here are some tips that will help you determine the best SEO service that will genuinely make an attempt to increase the rankings of your business website.

Check their portfolio

If the firm is confident of the work they have done so far, they will list their clients they work or worked with. This is actually a great way for you to evaluate their abilities as SEO specialists and get a rough idea about the treatment you would be getting. If they haven’t provided any links to the websites they have optimized so far, you should ask for them. If their clients’ websites maintain good rankings and are of great standards, then it will make it easy for you to take your decision.

Ask them to explain their strategy

Now you may not know much about SEO, but if they are successful in making you understand what it is in clear terms, then you can perhaps rely on them. Of course you should do your fair share of research on SEO before you go and ask them. If they are confident of their plan, and if their plan is actually promising and full of potential, then you can clear some of your doubts. Pay attention to what they decide to do to optimize the various elements of your website that matter when it comes to SEO, such as content, navigation, loading speed, coding and back-links.

Will they analyze your competitors?

A good SEO strategy for your business should always include an analysis of your rivals and their business strategies. If this SEO firm is as great as it claim itself to be, then it will understand how important this is, especially the fact that increasing conversion rates means beating your competitors online.

What will they do with the content on you website?

If your website is failing at the task of increasing traffic and generating leads, then there must be something wrong with its content. If the SEO services you select decide to run with the same content, then you should probably go elsewhere. If they do not have a writer who is specialized in SEO then you might as well just run with the website you already have. However if they point out that your website needs new content, then they are genuinely committed to helping you out.

Can you maintain a good relationship with them?

This is important, because you will be in touch with the firm for a long period of time. If you can’t maintain effective communication with them, then it will have a negative impact. You need to make sure that your intentions, your business goals and the expectations of your target market are communicated thoroughly to them. Failure of communication from either party will only lead to confusion and misunderstanding.

Do they have your best interest at heart?

If they truly care about you as a customer, your project and goals should be important to them as they are to you. If they are after money then you should not spend any more time with them. They should take full responsibility over what they are supposed to do for you. Also they should be flexible and friendly enough to negotiate with you to come up with a plan that fits your budget.

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