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The best online marketing strategy for healthcare professionals; Medical SEO

by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015

Online marketing has proven to be one of the most effective and affordable means for achieving the best return on investment. While more and more professionals finance a significant share of their budget on promoting and marketing their services through websites, it takes time, effort and passion to reach the expected results. However a proper SEO strategy can help your health care website to become a major source of income through increased conversion rates.

SEO, Search Engine optimization, is the process through which the visibility of a website is increased using a number of techniques, such as writing content with a proper density of keywords and key phrases, gaining backlinks recommending yours from other reputable websites, speeding up the loading speed of the web pages, optimizing the landing pages and so on and so forth. When a website adheres to these guidelines, search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo tend to rank them high in search result pages, because such websites are enhanced for a better user experience.

Your healthcare service will be easily discovered by many of your patients as well as your potential if you have a website that is optimized for search engines. Here are some tips on how to increase the visibility of your healthcare website in search engine results.

Knowing your target market

It is imperative that your website delivers what the members of your target market are exactly looking for. By conducting a research or analyzing your competitor’s strategy, you will be able to figure out the keywords your target market is searching for. The content of your website can be based on these keywords or key phrases, so once someone search for them, your website will be one of the search results; if properly optimized for search engines, it will rank higher. However it should be duly noted that overstuffing the content with keywords will not increase your chances of being discovered by potential patients, but rather it would be a disqualification.

Gaining the trust of your potential customers with valuable information

More than half of the people who search for healthcare services online tend to read about the information on different treatment procedures that are endorsed through websites before selecting the right service. In such a case it is best to provide them with reliable, detailed and authentic content that would help them clarify their questions. You can also maintain a blog which publishes posts on topics which are related to your services. Such credible content is not only a way to gain the trust of your clients but it would also be an effective way to increase organic traffic and conversion rates.

Patient testimonials

You can maintain a different page to publish reviews and testimonials which would complement your services. This is an effective way to encourage your potential customers to put their trust in you and your services. Positive testimonials are regarded as a major conversion generator; therefore you can easily increase web traffic as well as revenue.

Gaining social signals via social media sites

Social media have become an indispensable instrument in online marketing and they have proven to increase the SEO status of websites. Imagine you publish a link of an article connected to your website on Facebook and it gets a significant number of shares, this will directly contribute to your website’s SEO status. Hence if you share your content over the array of social media sites available (which will basically cost you nothing), you will be able to gain more reputation. However it is important that in order to earn such social signals, you have to provide fresh, original and credible information to your readers.

Maintaining a close relationship with your patients

By constantly keeping contact with your patients, you can enhance SEO results. While social media sites are a great platform to maintain a close relationship with your patients, you can create FAQs or maintain a blog to increase their engagement on your website. The more you interact with them the more you will be able to interest them into converting from mere web visitors to genuinely paying clients.

Creating a Medical SEO approved website will generate more appointments within a short period of time. The above mentioned easy steps will help you achieve a better outcome.

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