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Importance of Local SEO for Small Business

How Local SEO Works and Why It Matters for Small Businesses
by Michelle Dauphin on August 21, 2015
Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses

The importance of local SEO for businesses, especially which are reliant on online marketing campaigns, cannot be exaggerated enough. The process of optimizing websites for local searches is the foremost technique of widening business reach, expanding the local target market and promoting the brand. With the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices to browse the internet and the launch of Google’s Pigeon update, local SEO has become even more prominent. Incorporating it to your business strategy is bound to bring you many irresistible benefits.

Local SEO is no longer a concept entrepreneurs should overlook, because it has the ability to increase the potentiality of a small business becoming a local business empire and a large corporation becoming a transnational business entity. For something so simple and affordable, it certainly is the best marketing tool anyone can use to earn recognition in the world of business.

Why local SEO is so important?

It provides local scale exposure
While it is important to establish your business within the local area in which it is located, with the help of local SEO, you have the ability to expand your local reach. The technique is basically about making your business’s online presence become more local. Various methods, such as publishing content on local events or incidents, getting registered on local directories or gaining backlinks from other renowned local business websites, will be used to increase your website’s visibility in local search results. Implementing a sound local SEO strategy thus, is bound to increase your ranking for keywords used by your local customers.

For small businesses, it certainly can be an invaluable tool which can easily be incorporated in becoming well-established and recognized. They can use local online resources (such as Yelp, Craigslist and Angie’s List) and advertise their brand on local online publications to build brand authority and generate more conversions. It should also be mentioned that the content or images that you may share on these sites should be of relevance and high quality in order to give your audiences a pleasant web experience.

It helps you build partnerships
A well-laid out small business local SEO strategy is bound to make you a well-renowned business entity in your local area. Such recognition from your customers who visits your websites regularly and such a powerful online presence for your business will certainly attract the attention of other local businesses in the industry, and they will not hesitate to refer their clients to your website whenever they get the chance to do so.

Recommendation from other local business partners or bloggers will help you meet new potential clients, hence widening your target market and increasing your sales. Building partnerships with other local businesses through local SEO will also benefit your future business endeavors.

It will help you thrive in the era of mobile devices
With the continuous increase in the usage of mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets and the invention of new mobile devices with which people can access the internet, it has become imperative that entrepreneurs invest in local SEO. These new devices has made things easier in the lifestyle of modern consumers who are constantly on the move; whenever they want to find a place to go to or buy a product or service from while they are visiting the particular area, all they have to do is ask the internet via their mobile phones. Hence by implementing local SEO you can cater to such mobile-reliant crowds.

Adhering to the guidelines of local SEO will score your website a higher rank on search engine result pages of location-based web searches. It cannot be ignore if you wish to cover all the searches which happen on the go via handheld devices. Covering such local searches will automatically increase your conversion rates.

It will increase your profits
A website gives your current and potential customers the chance to learn about your services and products extensively. It in fact serves the purpose of converting mere web traffic into potential customers who will make a purchase of your products and contribute to promoting your brand. With local SEO you can further boost the chance of your website accomplishing these goals. A website which features as one of the top results for local searches is bound to drive in a continuous flow of traffic and convince web visitors to become loyal customers.

Local SEO is the key to exposing your brand to your customers and creating more business opportunities in the future. It is the easiest way to develop your business and pave way for a loyal customer base. With it you have the ability to increase your online visibility and claim the ownership to a business which thrives offline as well.

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  • August 28, 2015 at 11:29 am

    Good blog post Michelle. I agree that local SEO is very important especially if you have a local business that gets foot traffic. The bottom line is that more and more search queries on Google have local intent.

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