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How to use Baidu SEO to build brand authority in China

Baidu SEO Guide
by Michelle Dauphin on August 25, 2015

Baidu SEO guide

Baidu, which is found by the Chinese entrepreneur and search scientist Robin Li, has become China’s number one search engine by claiming an 80% share of China’s overall search engine market. While China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the fastest way for you to become part of it is through Baidu SEO. If you are planning to build brand authority among your Chinese target market, earning a top rank in Baidu search result pages is the easiest, most cost-effective and best way to do so.

The internet usage in China has grown rather rapidly over the last decade; in this trend, Baidu takes the center stage as it has become the most popular search engine used among the Chinese population. Excelling in Search Engine Optimization for Baidu could be your most useful tool in spreading your influence among the expanding Chinese digital market.

Baidu SEO guidelines

Baidu is much like Google at its core; both Baidu and Google use search engine crawlers to index web pages. However, while Google has indexed nearly 48 billion web pages, Baidu has only indexed around 800 million web pages. This means, whereas Google would index 95 pages out of 100 web pages in your website, Baidu would only index 80% of your web pages. Since the possibility of all your web pages being indexed by Baidu web crawlers ‘Baidu Spiders’ is low, it is very important to make sure that your on-page SEO and technical SEO elements are properly optimized. If you have implemented a sound Baidu SEO strategy, not only would most of your important web pages get indexed, but your website would also have a high possibility of ranking high in Baidu search result pages.

Your first step should be to make sure that you have a localized domain; use a TLD like ‘.cn’ or ‘.com.cn’. This will highlight your website to Baidu Spiders when they crawl web pages to rank on search result pages. It is important that your website is hosted in China because web pages which are hosted in US or UK could take a long time to load when viewed in China. You would be able to overcome this problem with a website that is created specifically for your Chinese target market.

Baidu Webmaster Tools
It is essential to Baidu SEO that you get registered and add your business website to Baidu webmaster tools. Just like Google’s, Baidu webmaster tools also give you insightful information into your website’s statistics, web traffic data and analysis etc. However it should be noted that the default language of these tools are be in Chinese; hence you can either get someone who speaks Chinese to translate the content for your, or you can use Google translate, either way you should not skip using the tools because of the language barrier.

Unlike Google, Baidu still gives priority to meta descriptions. Hence it is important to make sure that all your meta descriptions are properly optimized for the search engine with the relevant keywords. However, both search engines put equal emphasis on title tags, which should be unique on each page and which should also be properly optimized with keywords. Because Baidu highlights the particular search query or search term in red rather than with bold letters as it is done in Google, it is important that all your meta descriptions are properly optimized with your target keywords.

One of the easiest ways to champion Search Engine Optimization for Baidu is through Chinese website content optimized with keywords. Although Baidu has partnered with Bing to show English results, the percentage of such English results is very low. Moreover, your Chinese target market would be more encouraged to click on your website and read through it if the content is in Chinese. Therefore, you need to make sure that the content is translated into Chinese by a native speaker. When it comes to keywords, you must conduct proper research, for the wrong keyword would only generate low-quality traffic. And just like with Google, it is important to refrain from duplicating content from other sources, lest your website should get banned form Baidu. Use original, simple and useful content that would quickly grab the attention of your Chinese audience.

Site Structure
Just like with Google, it is essential to make sure that your website structure is user-friendly; also make sure it is Baidu Spider-friendly too by avoiding the use of elements such as Flash which cannot be crawled by Baidu crawlers. If your website is user-friendly and spider-friendly, the chances are it will be placed high in Baidu search result pages for the relevant search query.

A proper Baidu SEO strategy will pave way for you to build a thriving business presence in China while gaining a loyal Chinese customer base. You can use the above-mentioned guidelines to build a productive Baidu SEO strategy that would help you build brand authority in China.

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