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by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015

If you are planning on expanding your business, the first thing that should pop into your head should be online marketing. If you are thinking it, then you should focus on how to improve the very online presence of your business. It’s not an easy task, although it is very important. Usually people tend to determine the standard of a product or a service through how it is promoted, say through commercials on TV, radio, news papers or magazines. But this is way before the birth of the World Wide Web which ultimately became the major source of information. The rise of online marketing has added a whole new dimension to people’s perception when they evaluate a product or make a choice to purchase it.

Before people decide on buying your product or service, they connect to the internet to try to search your company or business online, to scan through all the details of your products, and if reviews are available maybe even read one or two of them, and if they want to, they may even post a few comments asking the price or the availability of the product in a different colour. Whether you like it or not as a business owner, this is a huge part of a modern customer’s shopping experience. In order to prompt them to pick you out of your competitors, your business should have a better online presence at every turn.  Only then can you increase the online visitors who will inevitable turn in to buying customers.

It certainly doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a thriving trans-national cooperation, because at the end of the day your customers choose you because they are impressed by your service. So in order to create a good impression of your services online you should follow some of the following steps.

Let’s start by creating a solid platform to start your campaign. An ideal platform is your own website to represent your services or brand. This website should not just merely be, because remember, your customers are going to evaluate your services through what is presented through your website. Therefore everything about your site matters; from the presentation of its design to its loading speed. If you want your customers to find you before they find your competitors make sure it is search engine optimized. Now if you are wondering how to get your website SEO approved make sure that it,

  • has quality and original content written with a proper density of keywords.
  • has reliable backlinks.
  • loads fast.
  • has optimized images.

When your website displays these features, search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing will automatically rank it on top of search result pages, thus making it easy for your customers as well as your potential customers to find you.

  • A website is not the only conduit you have to reach out to your customers or to expand your reach. It’s the dawn of social media marketing and you should wake up to it. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ or even all of them, you can use each to build your brand and gain recognition to it. These are all free and with a little touch of your passion and effort you can build a loyal customer base. Of course just like with your website, you should focus on increasing engagement in these social media sites too. Don’t forget to always refer to your website in each post you may publish in these sites.
  • Now that you have a website and social media accounts, you should not just let them sit there in the bottom of the vast ocean of the internet. Even if your customers do not visit your website or social media sites, you should visit it at least twice a day. Update it as often as possible. After all your customers would not visit your website again if it is filled with the same old stuff. You can maintain a blog including posts that is related to your brand or business. Update your Facebook fan page with interesting posts so your customers will always know about the new products you will be launching.
  • Interacting with your customers online is even more important. When they post a question regarding your product and you are not there to answer, that is one less customer! Always keep in touch. You can host a weekly or monthly Q&A session with your fans or maybe even a quiz with a free giveaway. Make it easier for them to express their own queries and feelings about your services and products. Respond to any question they ask and humbly accept any criticism they may direct at you. You can also send email newsletters to your customers who will subscribe to it.
  • Make use of sponsored advertising. While you will have to pay a sum of money, it is important that you do this. However make sure to choose only reliable sponsor sites, especially those that are related to your business. If the viewers of those sites take time to click on your ad that will increase traffic to your website as well as expand your clientele.

It is now clear what you need to do to enhance your business’s online presence. Of course harvesting the fruits of each of these steps will take time, but it’s worth the wait!

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