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Common eCommerce SEO Mistakes

by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015

Optimizing an e-commerce website for search engines is somewhat more difficult than it is with blogs, social media sites or mere websites with a few pages. Because an e-commerce site usually lists a large number of product pages and tend to use or rather copy the product descriptions from the manufacturers, search engines find it difficult to rank it on search engine result pages. Thus, they face a significant disadvantage when it comes to being discovered by their target markets. By avoiding the following mistakes when designing your e-commerce website, you will be able to gain more traffic and conversion rates.

Duplicating content

This is one of the most common mistakes seen in many e-commerce websites. Because most content are copied from the manufacturer sites it generally leads to search engines banning the websites with plagiarized content. While manufacturers distribute product descriptions content to the online stores which sell them, when the same content appears in several e-commerce websites, search engines tend to filter them, thus preventing these sites from ranking high in results or not ranking at all.

The fastest way to increasing visibility of your e-commerce site is by posting unique, original and credible product description content. However if you face difficulty writing unique content for thousands of products, then you can eliminate any issue by putting ‘no index’ meta tag so the non-unique content pages on your site will not appear on search results.

Lack of product description content

While duplicating content is a major reason for being disqualified from search results, lack of content can very well decrease traffic and conversion rates. It is important that you provide enough information for website crawlers to understand what the web page is about. Mere images or videos will neither help your client nor the search engines to know exactly what you are selling. To avoid any complications, it is always better to provide at least a concise, yet informative product descriptions.

Lack of customer reviews

Customers are more likely to buy from a website if there are reviews from people who have had experience with your products, and therefore lack of them can leave your customers second guessing their purchasing decisions. Positive reviews can increase credibility and reliability of your products, prompting your clients to put their trust in them.

Not using keywords

Search engines rely on frequently used keywords to rank web pages. If you do not use such keywords or key phrases in your page titles, product descriptions or headings, the potentiality of your site being discovered by search engines (hence your potential clients) will gradually diminish. While you should not stuff your content with such keywords with the hope it would increase the chances of search engines crawling your website, maintaining a balanced number of keywords or phrases is what is recommended if you wish to receive better SEO results.

Unfriendly URLs

URLs also play a major hand in optimizing a website for search engines. URLs which clearly state which page it represents will help both the search engines as well as your customers to understand where exactly they are in your site. Extra-long URLs stuffed with numerals and unrelated words for your product pages would cause confusion for search engine robots when they direct your customers. On the other hand keeping it simple and related would speed up the entire process.

Slow page loading speed

Usually, search engines are reluctant to rank websites with slow-loading pages. By properly formatting your images or by avoiding using large images that take time to load and by keeping your source codes light you can speed up your page loading process. This will create a user-friendly experience for the web visitors and automatically increase traffic and SEO ranks.

If you avoid these eCommerce SEO mistakes and adhere to the tips mentioned when designing your e-commerce website, it will certainly create a better user experience for your customers, hence increasing traffic and search result rankings.

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