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6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign

by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015

If you have already decided to redesign your website then your previous one must have been, no doubt, a failure. If you still don’t know why it became a product of utter waste of time, effort and money, you might be getting ready to make the same mistakes with your redesigning attempt. On the other hand if you are already aware of it by now, then you know the important role SEO or Search Engine Optimization play in the whole process. It is the key to generating traffic, increasing leads, gaining top ranks in search result pages as well as recommendation or back-links from other reliable sites. All these steps are extremely necessary if you wish your website to be a success this time.

So let’s take a look at 6 mistakes you should completely steer clear of this time.

Ignoring the power wielded by authentic content

You must have heard about this one more than a thousand times, even when you were making your first website, because it is the number one step to a successful website.  Obviously your viewers or your customers visit your website to get more information about your services and goods. So you can start there; give a very good detailed account of what you are selling. Now, don’t go just steal a chunk of information from other websites because you don’t know how to write. Hire a good content writer to come up with original and fresh content.

Just some content won’t do either, because if search engines are to direct the viewers to your website then there should be the necessary keywords. A good content marketer always knows how to use the proper density of keywords in the appropriate places. The writing style does matter too, especially to the viewers who usually prefer information that could be easily understood and that are entertaining to read. Moreover the title should always summarize the core idea of the content, because it makes the analyzing process easier for the search engines.

Designing a website that does not respond to mobile devices

Your former website wasn’t a responsive one, was it? That is apparently another major reason for the failure of it.  A responsive website allows the viewers to access it through their mobile devices without any inconveniences. Although you may not suspect it, more than half of your clients use mobile devices to search you online. If your website is not responsive then it might create a bitter experience for the viewers who would eventually get tired of waiting for your non-responsive website to load on their mobile phone or tablet, and turn to seek solace in you competitor’s one. So make sure this time your website is ready to be viewed on any device.

Not taking into consideration the structure of your website’s URL

A URL matters as much as the content of a website when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. An unnecessary lengthy URL with no or little hint of what your website represents can be tricky for search engines when they try to rank you on search engine results. In such a case your redesign should give significant consideration to creating a URL for your website.

Getting unreliable back-links to trick the search engines

While getting back-links from reliable and reputed websites is a good sign, low-quality links from untrustworthy or spam websites can completely debase your SEO rankings. Maybe your previous website did get a lot of low quality back-links, or maybe you bought them assuming they would create a positive atmosphere, however this time around you should be careful to remove all these spam links from your website and start afresh.

Forgetting about 301 redirects

A number one priority in redesigning a website is setting up 301 redirects, which are permanent redirects from one URL to another. Whether you are restructuring the URLs of your web pages, changing domain names or consolidating the content of your website, you should always remember to set up 301 redirects to lead your visitors to the correct web page.

Giving priority to everything else but SEO

Sometimes you may wonder if SEO is as important as everyone says it is. It’s easy to be misguided into thinking that the only thing that matters to the customer is an appealing design with colourful graphics and illustrations. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want a customer to visit your website then everything else but a pretty design should matter. The loading speed, easy navigation, interesting and credible information, recommendation from other reliable links, and being on the top ranks of search result pages are all parts of SEO and therefore it should be the foundation of your redesign. And yes, pick a pretty design too, because that is an essential part of increasing traffic to your new website.

If you are to avoid these mistakes and stick to the guidelines provided above, then you can make sure your new website does not suffer an untimely death.

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