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by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015
Conversion Rate Optimization

The intention of any business owner who maintains a website is to convert the web visitors into paying customers. If your conversion rates are questionably low then probably your website’s landing page has done a better job at turning your potential customers away than attracting them.

More often than not this is a common issue faced by many. Even after following many SEO guidelines during the designing process, some websites always end up with low conversion rates. If you are planning to design a new website or redesign one, try to avoid these 7 Landing Page mistakes to make sure that your customers actually will purchase your services and products.

Way too much written content

A major turn off for your customers who visit your landing page is it being filled with too many texts. Long paragraphs containing information about the history or the manufacturing process of your products will exhaust the eye and the mind of your visitor. It will also confuse them and bore them. Try to state what you are offering in short, precise yet funny and witty sentences that can grab the attention of the reader within 5 seconds.

Lack of a title

Without a title your visitors will have no idea about what you are trying to say. This will undoubtedly make them lose their interest in continuing further, for no reader will just read through some paragraphs without a clear idea of what they are about. Always remember to write a title that aptly captures the message you are trying to deliver and make sure it is not too long or confusing.

Too many distractions

Imagine how your visitors are going to concentrate on any little thing you say when images or navigation menus are shooting across with music playing or someone speaking in the background. Cut back all the drama if you want your visitors to understand what you are offering them. It is important that you select a simple design for your landing page, one that is inviting and appealing at the same time.

No images at all

Now your customers are not going to learn about your services or products if there is no visual evidence! If you claim that your brand and services are the best in town, support them with visual proof. Moreover illustrations and colours are way more attractive than mere paragraphs of words, and as you may already know, an image speaks a thousand words. So offer some mesmerizing pictures for your visitors to stare at and in no time they will convert to paying customers. However you should completely refrain from involving pictures that have no connection to your business or that will not testify to the quality of your products

Your Call-to-Action is too confusing

A CTA is usually a line of text, a button or maybe an image that calls your visitors to take an action, say to download an eBook, sign up for a newsletter or an event or to get a coupon. The main focus of a landing page should fall upon this section, yet many fail to actually capture the attention of the visitors. This is usually due to lack of an attractive design or clear instructions that leave the visitors confused or feeling indifferent. In order to make it effective it’s not enough to create an attractive design, but make sure that your customers know what they are being led to when they click on a CTA.

Complicated entry form

Sometimes you may opt to include an entry form in your landing page, and it is definitely a great way to increase conversion rates and visitor engagement. However not all visitors are comfortable with giving their personal information. Therefore it is better to stick to less than four fields, usually based on the first name, the last name and the email address.

Lack of client testimonials

What better way to convert your web visitors to paying customers than posting  two or three client testimonial guaranteeing the quality of your product and services? Most of the potential customers rely on testimonials before they make a decision, therefore lack of such reviews could be a disadvantage to your business. A well written and detailed testimonial could inspire people into trying your products and services.

Now you have a basic idea of what to do and what not to do when designing or redesigning your landing page. If you stick to the guidelines given above you will be able to increase traffic to your website and expand your clientele.

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