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by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015
Conversion Rate Optimization

In today’s world of E-commerce, every element of your website, from its color theme to its loading speed, makes a direct contribution to the size of your revenue. Therefore, nothing about your website is to be taken slightly because everything makes a significant impact on converting a web visitor into a loyal and genuine paying customer.

Conversion Rate Optimization is not merely speeding up the page loading process, but it is a methodical approach to enhance each and every component of your website to create the best web experience for your visitor. One cannot simply imitate what his competitors are doing when it comes to the optimization process, it should take careful planning based on insight derived from analytics and the feedback of the users. A proper strategy of optimization should not focus simply on increasing users, but it should also encompass the value of quality user experience and engagement.

CRO is interlinked with SEO

Your web visitor will not even consider converting if you have done a poor job at your SEO strategy. The fastest way to impress your web visitors is by optimizing your website for search engines. Top rank on search result pages, reliable back-links, authentic and relevant content, faster loading speed and being mobile friendly will easily convince your visitors to take an action, whether it is to purchase your products and services, to subscribe to a newsletter, to sign up or to download your eBook or app.

Effective Call-to-Action

You may choose to incorporate one CTA or multiple CTAs, but in any case make sure it is clear and easy for the visitor to understand. A CTA should be able to catch the eye of the visitor; therefore it should be of a striking design. When he clicks on it he should know what to expect, whether to get registered to receive an email newsletter or to download an eBook. Cite the ‘action’ precisely and concisely.

Provide genuine customer testimonials

Nothing can prompt a visitor to trust your services or products than a positive customer testimonial. Encourage your customers to write reviews by sending emails requesting them to describe their experience with your brand. You can create a specific page for such testimonials provided by your clients. Such social proof is a great way to increase your conversion rates.

User-friendly navigation

A properly designed navigation menu should allow the user to browse your website easily without being exasperated. Use only a minimum amount of navigation categories and make sure they are the ones which are important to your target market. You can determine which categories your visitors would prefer the most through insight from research analytics.

Make your homepage a welcoming experience

You only have 5 seconds to grab the attention of the visitor before he or she decides to move on or continue. Making a good impression does not come through stuffing your homepage with striking images or detailed texts. It should be achieved through a simple design and a clear message that emphasizes the quality of your brand and it will encourage your visitors to take an action. You can appeal to your potential customers by mentioning great benefits they would be gaining through your service, for example such as special offers or free shipping options. It is also important to offer a smooth navigation experience for the user on your homepage. Slow loading images and distracting navigation menus will diminish your visitors’ enthusiasm.

Run tests to monitor your website’s performance

You can run either A/B testing or multivariate testing. The former allows to compare the effectiveness of one page or an element of the page against another while the latter test allows to examine the effectiveness of many variations of multiple page elements such as call-to-action, images or copy. Many prefer the A/B test because it is simpler and ensures accurate results than a multivariate test.

CRO is basically about taking advantage of the website traffic you already have. It is therefore essentially free, for all you have to do is impress the visitors enough to make them want to convert to paying customers. Optimization of your website, for users as well as the search engines, will double the revenue of your investments.

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