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The Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are some common content marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015
Content Marketing

In any online marketing strategy, content still holds the key position, because it is what attracts as well as keeps the web visitor on the website, prompting him to convert to a genuine paying customer. Content also plays a major role in a website’s chance of ranking high in search result pages and increasing its organic traffic and its lead generation. However, despite the fact that the importance of content marketing has been emphasized more than a million times, marketers still tend to make the same mistakes over and over again, due to ignorance and unfamiliarity of a good marketing strategy.

Lack of a proper content plan

For a website, blog or social media platform which needs to be updated weekly as part of a SEO or an online marketing strategy, there must be a well-documented content plan. A well planned schedule can make things easier for you as a content writer as well as to the person who handle each channel. If you maintain a website, blog and social media platforms together at the same time, a written down strategy can alleviate any confusion that may arise.

Lack of attention to keywords

Most marketers write content that is of high quality yet fails to grab the attention of the readers as well as that of the search engines. While utter lack of keywords can erase your website’s visibility from search engines, overstuffing your content with keywords or phrases can very well be a reason of disqualification according to a proper SEO strategy. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you maintain not too little, not too much, but a balanced number of keywords.

Duplicate Content

Plagiarized content can inflict fatal damage to a website. Many writers who are hired to write content for websites or blogs are not thoroughly educated about the topic they are dealing with. If they do not conduct enough research on the subject they are going to write about, they might end up duplicating content from other sites. It is imperative that what you write for your website is strictly original and unique, as well as informative and enlightening. While search engines exclude webpages with duplicate content, if your visitors figure it out, it will negatively affect their perception of your product and service.

Inadequate title

No one would be willing to go through long paragraphs of content, in spite of its quality and authenticity, if there is no title (a bad title is just as useless). It is important that you provide a catchy or an engaging title that can snatch the attention of the visitor and encourage them to read the rest of the content. A proper title should fittingly summarize the essence of your article, so the reader knows what they are diving into when they start reading. This way you can minimize the risk of losing most of your visitors who would otherwise have turned to your competitor’s website.

Neglecting the customer

Content marketing should revolve around the customers and the prospects. If you rant on and on about your products and services, without paying much attention to the needs, demands, requests and queries of your target market, you might as well say good bye to them. No customer would want to read unless they find something useful and valuable. Therefore it is better to research what the members of your target market are interested in and write similar content. It will help you to get their attention instantaneously while at the same time make them be genuinely attentive to what you have to say.

Not publishing regularly

One of the most common content marketing mistakes many marketers make is not publishing enough material within the week. Platforms such as social media sites and blogs require constant updating, at least once a day. Publishing regularly increases the chances of being noticed by the busy users of social media platforms. It is also a sign of quality SEO; hence it could increase the chances of your content being discovered on search engines.

While quality content could be the best friend of your marketing strategy, inappropriate methods, such as mentioned above can very well turn in to the enemy of your success. If you adhere to the tips mentioned above, you will easily be able to juice the benefits out of your content marketing strategy.

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