The Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Effective?

by Michelle Dauphin on July 27, 2015
Content Marketing

Effective content is the backbone of any online marketing strategy. Quality content has the ability to convert the mere web visitor to a loyal buying customer by delivering the exact information he is looking for. Unique and authentic content has the power to rank your website on the top of the search engine result pages and to engrave the message pertaining to your business on the memory of your customers. A company with such a content marketing strategy can be confident in their journey to success while effectively challenging its competitors.

While an effective strategy can indisputably increase the success rates of your business by widening the customer base and attracting potential customers who will be willing to share information about your business among their own family and friends, an ineffective one can just as well drag your reputation down.

Quality matters

You should never forget the fact that all the content, whether on social media or on your website, essentially reflects on the quality of your own business. It acts as a standard by which your customers as well as potential ones, tend to evaluate the very quality of your services or products. Keeping that in mind, always produce original, credible and readable content. If you duplicate content from other websites it will devalue your business and stain your reputation, which will ultimately repel your customers and drop your search engine rankings.

SEO matters

When it comes to SEO, content is an indispensable element. An effective content marketing strategy should take SEO into consideration because it is the easiest way to gain traffic and increase conversion rates. After all, there is no point in quality content if they are not being read by anybody. To avoid such a tragedy you should optimize your content for search engines, so your website will be suggested by search engine as a reliable source of information for your customers. You should properly include the popular keywords or key phrases while avoiding plagiarizing. Reliable, informative, and authentic content will lead to positive results.

Your target audience matters

The most fundamental aspect of content writing is that it should revolve around the members of your target audience, because they are the ones who will be reading it. While it is important that you convey something about your own services and products in each article you publish, it should always link to the demands, interests, concerns and needs of your target audience. If you write off-topic content or content that will not interest your readers you might as well consider your marketing strategy as dead.

Social media matter

A good content marketing plan should not limit content writing only to websites and blogs, because social media forums are becoming an unavoidable influence where marketing is concerned. You can effortlessly and inexpensively widen your clientele through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest. However, writing for these media is different than writing for your blog or website. Most users of social media are an easy-going and busy bunch of people who prefer short, funny and witty content that is written in a conversational tone. To engage their attention you could complement your written post with an image or a video or a link back to an article on your website or blog.

Social signals matter

While writing great content is important, getting them acknowledged for their quality is equally important. While you will not always get a lot of social signals, you can always circulate or share them among your own friends and family. For example you can tag your friends in a post through Facebook, so that it will be visible to their friends. Such methods will automatically bring more exposure to your content as well as your business.

Interaction with fans matters

On the occasions your followers do comment on your posts, you should show gratitude by replying to them and interacting with them. A fan only comments, likes or shares your post only if they are impressed by it, and the fact that they took the time to do it should mean something to you.

If you reflect on the above mentioned aspects that matter when building your content marketing strategy, you will be able to make an effective and a remarkable impact on the minds of your customers and prospects.

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